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What can be better in hot weather than cool, sweet, colorful dessert and whenever it comes the name of Gola Ganda, dhoraji is the only place that people prefer to choose, because there are numbers of carts parked with a number of flouring syrups for Gola Ganda. It is a traditional colorful icy snack. The Gola Gandas of Dhoraji Colony Karachi have gained world wide fame. Crushed ice, flavoring syrups, fruit, condensed milk, dried fruit , little pieces of jelly and chocolate syrup all are the ingredients of mouth watering juicy iced known as Gola Ganda. The thought of Gola Ganda instantly brings water to your mouth.

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Dhoraji boasts a line of Gola Ganda carts. But ”UNCLE GOLA” with his cart is the one who started it all. Hajji Mohammad Taufiq is the ”owner of Uncle Gola” and its been 40 years, he started with his cart at dhoraji chorangi, and its been 7 years that he have been shifted his cart at this place, and through this time period he have faced alot of difficulties. Initially he had faced alot of difficulties but he continued struggling hard to gain success. He knows that he have to fight through some bad days to earn the best days of his life. i really respect the owner(Muhammad taufiq) of ”Uncle Gola” because i can see his hardwork, he’s the owner but still he stands under hot sunny sun and struggles, he’s not like other owners who stays at home and give orders to their workers.

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i visit this place ”dhoraji” alot, and for Gola Ganda i always prefer to choose Uncle Gola because of its taste. His cheapest Gola Ganda served on a stick or in a plastic glass is cost for Rs50 and the most expensive one on a bowl with all the yummy toppings is for Rs200. its cost for 200 rupees because of the yummy ice-cream scope which they adds in their gola ganda, and each scope is of 80 rupees, and the dry-fruits and canned fruits which adds specialty in their Gola Ganda. and em surprised by variety of amazing colors and toppings which they have. And condensed milk is best part of topping and  love it alott.

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”Gola uncle” gola is the most famous, because people knowing their name since 40 years and that time there was only 2 charts including his chart. Rab Nawaz, the worker  of uncle gola is a very honest man and works their with passion. i know this much about ”uncle Gola” because i have took his interview for my article.

They are the oldest one standing there , and a saying is perfectly fitting over here. ”Old is Gold”. They are very old, they have been from 40 years with same cart and face, so obviously a large number people knows their name.

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i love watching that scene when they put a piece of ice on a machine which gives you crushed and shaved ice in seconds. People especially in summer enjoys with cold crushed juicy ice which gives yummy taste in their mouth. This hot weather always persuades me to visit this place and the taste of uncle Gola Ganda is beyond words. Nothing beats the summer heat better than the Gola Ganda. People attracts by its colorful decoration, rainbow colors. After having one bite, you’ll feel cool even inside the depth of your mouth. Uncle Gola have all the flavoring colors and their special taste drives everyone crazy. Same like I felt, whenever i eat Gola Ganda.

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My home is far from this area but still i visits dhoraji, no matter how miles i have to covered to be at this place. The carts lighten up even at fajar time. Some people prefer to visit at night to enjoy night breeze with Gola Ganda. Especially on friday and saturday night, the road would get pack with the cars even sometimes people don’t find any place to park but still they love to visit this place.

There are always some unique things which make things different from other. There are two unique things which differentiate Uncle Gola from all other carts of Dhoraji. These facilities added unique change from all other carts. One is they also provide home delivery to nearby places and other is… Any guess? It has become the need of person. Yes its WIFI. Uncle Gola is the only cart parked there which allows you to enjoy with WIFI facility. You wouldn’t have to wait to reach home and upload your picture, because in the seconds you can post picture of your gala Ganda on facebook or instagram.I am very amazed that even a cart can provide you the facility like WIFI. People from different areas visits here and enjoy their day with thanda cool cool, Gola Ganda.  If people would be able to upload picture, then we would be having more chance to get more popular, other-than that we always tries to give comfort to their customers.

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The WiFFi  facility that they provides, turned good into great. Everyone should try to fulfill their customer needs to make someone as their good or regular customer, Just as he did. Step by step he has strengthen his position, that’s way dhoraji shines with his identity/ cart ”Uncle Gola”.

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Its true struggle always pay off, same like in Mohammad taufiq case. He didn’t give-up but continues to struggle and got fame in the name of ”UNCLE GOLA”. Someone said right ”The harder the struggle, the more glorious the Triumph” .  

COURTESY :These all pictures were captured my me.