Children cannot stop child abuse. — June 26, 2015

Children cannot stop child abuse.

Today in most of the houses, there are children with aggressive behavior, Dangerous behavior such as speeding, Dehydration, Depression, Dissociative states, Eating disorders, Failure to thrive, Fear or shyness, Fear of certain adults or places, Frequent injuries, Insomnia, Learning problems, Concentration problems, Lying, but parents doesn’t bother to find the reason above all these problems. They just busy in scolding and blaming them. I request every parents please not to blame your child. there’s a always a reason behind anything. why your child is having fear about anything. Find the reasons behind this word *why*. Find the reason behind any changes in your child rather than blaming.

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Child abuse is a rising issue of Pakistan. Children can be abused at any age.

Many children are being abused sexually. Children experience the inappropriate kinds of thoughts when they suffer abuse. Children minds are innocent they do not know that whatever abuses they suffer today, will effect their future in a very large way. Child abuse can make children to become silent. They don’t tell their parents about the abuse that what has happened with them but it always remains on their minds which damages or ruins their personality. Even some go in such severe depression that they commit suicide or start taking drugs.

Disturbing aspect of abuse is the experiential restraint it puts on children. If a child fears doing anything new because of the chance that it will lead to a violent attack or because an abusive parent keeps extremely tight control over them, the child will lose his or her sense of curiosity and wonder at the world and will stop trying new things and exercising his or her mind. That child will never achieve his or her intellectual potential.

Child abuse violates the trust at the core of a child’s relationship with the world.

In addition to distorting children’s thoughts, abuse also forces children into a position of having to “hide the family secret”. This prevents children from having real relationships and has life-long effects. And because our ability to form healthy social relationships is learned, abused children are deprived of many skills necessary to navigate the social world. Their entire concept of a relationship is distorted. This leads to problematic relationships in life.

The impact of child abuse does not end when the abuse stops, the long-term effects can interfere with day-to-day functioning. That time they just need a soft-hand to hold them tightly and that’s obviously the hands of their parents. This is the time when they need their parents most. They don’t tell u that they have been abused or suffering from some inappropriate touches from someone. parents have to find reason behind their silence. so that your child may not be alone, you should encourage your child to take a step forward against the wrong doers. Not only the stranger abuses child, but some parents also abuse their child. Don’t be so shock its true, it happens in our society. There are many cases of fathers that abuses their child, even uncles and cousins abuses as well.  parents play most important role for child upbringing. if parents do some wrong acts, your child will definitely follow you whether its use of drug or alcohol which can ruin their life. Mothers should note all the activities of the family members and should keep her eyes and ears open. She should dig out the reasons behind her child unusual moves.


Abused and neglected children are more likely than other children to be self destructive or aggressive, to abuse drugs and/or alcohol, or become young offenders or “street kids”. In some situations abuse and neglect may result in permanent physical damage.

Child abuse is not just an individual or familial problem. Unless you avoid people entirely, it is nearly impossible to go a day without encountering a survivor of childhood abuse. Children who survive abuse grow up more likely to negatively impact our society in many ways. Since domestic violence is a pattern of behavior, not a single event, episodes may become more severe and more frequent over time, resulting in an increased likelihood that the children eventually become victims. Domestic violence often includes child abuse. Children may be victimized and threatened as a way of punishing and controlling the adult victim of domestic violence. Or they may be injured unintentionally when acts of violence occur in their presence.

It is every child’s right to have a safe and a violence free childhood, to grow up in an environment filled with love and care. Child abuse doesn’t just affect the victims, it affects everyone around them, even those they will be surrounded with in the future. Therefore, it is very compulsory for parents to pay proper attention their children. And those parents who are the wrong doers themselves, must punish hard and should be thrown out of the society. The Government should introduce some law or phone number against child abuse so that a child can call to that number and complains about the abuser. I’ve seen billboards of a kid with a bruised face and it says if you suspect abuse report it. But I’ve never seen a billboard that said, “If your parents hit you, call this number.”

Children deserve smile on their faces not the scars and bruises.

Love CONQUERS All! —


“Love is not a matter of what happens in life, its a matter of what’s happening in your heart”  But Love is not pure when it comes to hurt your parents.

Yes, people are getting indulged in relationships and demand their parents to marry the person whom they love. Now it’s A routine for us to hear that someone are in a relationship like the other kind of commitment i am talking about. Mostly people are into relationships and some are not. Its’ all depends. Rate of love marriages is increasing day by day and rate of suicidal attempts is also increasing, somehow they both are connected to each other.

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Marriage is a celebration of a beautiful union of two beings. Marriage is a  pure relation that anyone can have. Everyone has the right to marry. It’s the most purest relationship in Islam.

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Parents are our best adviser. They always want their child to be happy in future so they can never make bad decisions for their children’s life. They have experienced the world more than us, so obviously they know people more than us, they can in a sense predict our future . Children ask their parents to get them married to whoever they want to get married to the one they love and expect their parents to say ”YES”. Parents say yes only when they find our future bright  and secure with that person. If they find that person good and deserving for you, they say Yes and if they don’t find the person right for you, they go against it. It’s all about the conditions and situations that let our parents to take decisions for our betterment.

If parents don’t allow their child to marry the person of their choice, they start threatening their parents with so called suicide threats. completely ignoring the fact that their parents are the only reason for their existence in their world and they are the only one who want the best for them.

They not only threaten their parents, actually they  do anything to get married with their loved one. Honestly speaking I don’t understand these people how they can do that all this ? Their parents are nothing for them ? Life is a gift of God. We can’t kill ourselves for someone, it’s a sin that can not be forgiven.

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I truly agree that the joy of happiness we feel in love marriages is something beyond awesomeness because we already  know person way too much with whom we have planned to spend our whole life, we don’t feel the joy to this extend in arranged marriages because you feel all uncomfortable but then at the same time you do fee the satisfaction of marrying he person of your parents choice and that’s the most amazing feeling which will end up making you happy for all your life. Your parents decision is very necessary and important, without them you can not marry anyone. Your nikkah is invalid without your parents permission.

Your parents are the ones who have made you a human being, a respectable person. They have faced a lot of problems and hardships while bringing you up and for making you for what you are today. They made many compromises in their life and struggled hard, why they have done so ? just because of you. How can they still mean nothing to you ? They don’t have the right to make decisions in your life ? oh that’s amazing seriously ,we can do anything for the person we love even ready to fight with our parents for that person  you know just before some years. We can do all things to marry that person but we can’t listen to our parents whom we know since birth. It’s crystal clear that we are selfish. I believe if someone can hurt their parents, they can hurt anyone, they won’t be good to anyone else in their lives ever.

On the other-hand parents must also understand their child’s feeling and when they don’t agree on something they should give a strong reason to say no. Love marriages are allowed in Islam but on conditions.Some parents clearly say no to their child by saying ”you are not allowed to do love marriage, our society wont accept it” that’s the lamest reason that they give, that’s totally wrong Because forced marriages are also not allowed in Islam and that’s right you can’t force your child, just give them sometime to get ready. They should see the person and then make a decisiom, that’s the right way to make any judgement on a marriage issue. Parents should give reasons to their child. If they say no they have to give reasons to them. And after all those reasons, you should understand and realize that parents can only make the best decisions for you and they have all rights to do so.

Suicide , secret marriages, court marriages are increasing day by day. And people feel happy while doing it. Even people are ready to kill their parents for the sake of their love. And when have no succession for their marriage they are ready to kill groom in his girlfriend wedding. Instead of backing, some boys would be making their mind to take revenge. I must say to all those that please have mercy on your parents and family. They have done countless things to us and we are busy in doing these things which can make our parents to feel disrespectful around people.

“Don’t kill yourself. No doubt Allah (swt) is merciful and anyone who does so, will be pushed in fire. And it is easy for Allah (swt).” (Nisa: 4:29, 4:30) is quite clear that Allah wont for forgive for this act.

While Secret marriages whilst recognized are severely disliked in Islam and even Haram when it goes against the will of the parents. The reason for this is that it means that those who are responsible for them are not advised of it and the couple will go against their parents by doing so. The Messenger of Allah (May Allah bless him and grant him peace) has clearly stressed that the will of the father is the will of Allah (Bukhari) also how important it is to obtain the dua of one’s parents. I wrote the Quran verses so that here i can mention something which we all need to now.

We believe that love marriages always fail. And it has been proved that majority failed marriages are because the couples go against their parents and because of forced love marriages as well.

The reason behind the failure of love marriage is that marriage is not only a bonding between two people but it’s a bonding between two families . When a couple fights, their parents and in-laws are the one who sort out things between them. But what if you have your love marriage with their dis-agreement? Who would be their to sort things out between them? This is the reason arranged marriages are proven to be more successful rather than love marriages.

At the outset, you should understand that marriage is a major step in ones life. If this step is taken in the proper manner, one will enjoy everlasting success and bliss in the future. However, if the step is taken carelessly or in negligence, one will suffer the consequences of this forever. One great contributing factor towards the success of ones marriage is, taking the blessings of the parents and seniors.

If you love someone and truly want to be with her/him in future then convince your parents in an acceptable way. Tell good things about him and his family, You better know how to convince you parents and if they say no then you should forget that person and move on with your life because if you have tried all your luck and have put in all your efforts but still it didn’t work then it’s high time you realize it was ever meant to be yours because I believe ”What’s meant to be will always finds it way ” if not then it wasn’t in your destiny. If you are right for each other and meant to be, then nothing will be a barrier for you to marry her/him. Allah is always there to listen if you make dua with pure heart and offer prayer you’ will definitely get whatever you want. Always believe in Allah and never go for wrong ways to get someone. Be on the right path and then see the magic.

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God has a better plan for you than you have for yourself. Allah loves us more than anyone and can never do something wrong for us. Just believe in God,  pray with pure heart and then see how things will work out. Patience is a great virtue in Islam.

Don’t let your parents to feel down, make them proud !

Baby is mine or not ? —

Baby is mine or not ?

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If hospitals can’t be careful with babies what can they be careful with? The birth of a baby is one of the life’s most magical moments. A woman gives birth to her baby and feels like heaven when nurse comes asking her to hold her baby for the very first time in her arms. But do they ever think the baby they are holding might be the baby of someone else ? yes it happens in hospitals and it’s been going on for a while in our society now. You give birth to a baby at the hospital, give it a name, you take your baby home, and Take care alot, you introduce your baby to the family and the world but find out later that you were sent home with the wrong or exchanged child. Such a horrible situation that is, just think about the ones who have really gone through  this situation. And this is a difficult situation not only for mothers but for the kids as well.

Babies exchanged either error or malfeasance, are interchanged with each other at birth. Our society still is in boundary of desiring a baby boy, and just because of them the crimes are raising day by day. Many women give birth to a baby boy but they remain unaware of this fact for their lives maybe because the nurses exchange baby boys and tell the woman and her family that she has delivered a baby girl. Sometimes the hospital staff also does blunders or involved in this crime. They first inform that the PATIENT has delivered a baby boy and later inform that she has actually given birth to a girl but still some are innocent enough to believe this and some are sharp enough to get an idea or a clue that something  wrong has happened for sure and those people who report about such incidents.

This is a much bigger fraud than any other. We all should be careful at the time of delivery Because this can happen to anyone. Even sometimes nurses make mistakes while writing codes on babies bracelets. At times babies are accidentally exchanged at the hospitals but this happens in very rare cases. These types of blunders mostly occur in  small setup hospitals where there is no body to look after such things. But such type of errors aren’t affordable by anyone because this is like a crime and these kind of blunders can’t be forgiven or ignored. Well that’s disturbing to even think about. If that a widespread mistake among hospitals, I’d rather have my children give birth at home, if I ever have any. I wonder how many babies lives could of been saved if they were born in a homes? If these kind of things would not stop , then there will be no one coming for  deliveries at the hospitals for safety purposes of their baby and in order to get satisfied that at least they are with their biological child. Home delivery will be at least free from these kind of blunders.

Some hospitals staff are ready to gain money no matter from whatever source they choose. They are paid huge amount of money for switching babies and this happens because of the hatred towards baby girls, how can someone be ready to exchange their own baby for a baby BOY. These kind of difficult and cunt people are spreading misconceptions among society. Both boys and girls are equal and one should not indulge in such unacceptable crimes.

Also it’s the negligence of the hospital staff that creates these types of confusions and causes so much suffering to little girls. Our Commission is entitled to issue notices in such cases to seek action against the guilty and we shall definitely do the same’ This is a serious crime and a terrible example of gender bias. Be thankful for whatever you have, whether a girl or boy. Both are a blessing of Allah. Just think about the ones who don’t have a child and pray to God day and night to bless them one either a girl or a boy.

Prostitution; Behind The Scenes…! —

Prostitution; Behind The Scenes…!

Should Prostitutes be blame for what they are ? obviously no, there always a hidden story. Have you ever heard about forced prostitution ? its all about forced prostitution that make person to this..


Should Prostitutes be blamed for what they are ? obviously not all of them There’s  always a hidden story. Have you ever heard about forced prostitution ? it’s mostly all about forced prostitution that makes the girls do this..  Pakistan is a patriarchal society and, if we talk about domestic life, women are always overshadowed by men who hold authority over them. Actually the problem is our society in which women are considered subordinate in our society and this leads to vile crimes against them at the hands of men. actually men consider females the weaker sex and treat them like objects.

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Young women across the country are putting their bodies up for sale in the “flesh markets”, as we often see. Young girls face a lot of problems while walking around the street. Mainly girls, are subject to sexual assault including rape in Pakistan. Many people are eyeing on girls but girls mostly don’t know about the evil eyes who are secretly  planning to destroy their lives. Yes, we don’t know about the ones who are keeping an eye on us everyday nor we even give a second  thought to them . But the truth is these evil eyes can completely destroy your life. Many girls have been kidnapped from different areas and have been forced to opt ”prostitution” as their profession. Girls belonging to any age are being kidnapped either you’re 12 or 32.  People behind this dirty job are not men always. In fact in most of the cases women are involved. It’s really weird that how a woman can do this to another  woman ? The kidnappers get huge amount of money for doing such a heinous crime . While the girls who are brought for prostitution are paid very little amount or sometimes even nothing And after being used, many girls are forced to have abortions and get back to work which is prostitution within weeks. Beatings and forced abortions are common in the lives of the sex slaves. And definitely food that’s provided to the victims is surely very unhygienic. These forced prostitutes go through a lot in their lives. The victim girls are not allowed to go out without an escort while they are also forced to have sex with the traffickers whenever they wanted. Forcing girls into prostitution is an unforgivable act.  We have to think about all those girls who have been targeted, their life, their situation, what they are going through. This can happen to anyone of us too, God forbid. So we don’t even have the right to  blame them. I will definitely be mentioning one thing, Don’t ever pass any bad comments on  them or don’t even look down upon them. Who wants to do this disrespectful job ? obviously nobody. Everyone wants to live in a society where they are respected and honored. All want independence  in their lives, the liberty to live their lives the way they want to  But what about those girls who can not take any step without the permission of their traffickers. There’s always another story, hidden from us. Many cases have been reported against forced prostitution and still some cases are hidden from us. What are the mistakes of those girls who are targeted on daily basis ? They don’t choose this profession by  choice, it’s just because of the wrong doers who have force them to be engaged in prostitution. There can be other reasons behind prostitution, sometimes even step-father or step-mother can do this, possibly member from family can be trafficker’s too. Sometime after being ditched and being failed in true love story , the girl chooses to be in prostitution. And the other prominent reason is the lack of money, money is very important for all and it’s money that can make a person do anything. Mostly crimes happen because of the lack of money. See, these are all the situations and circumstances that force a person to do anything. I am not saying that all prostitutes are forced to be in this profession, there must be those prostitutes too who have chosen this profession by their choice.

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“Social Stigma” , the destiny of a rape victim in Pakistan is not more than that. which lowers them in the eyes of the public, exposing them to a life of discrimination and dis likeness. There is an urgent need to create awareness among the masses to not harass women sexually, mentally and physically, and educate men to provide equal rights and respect women, otherwise violence will see no end. Examples of atrocities faced by Pakistani women are acid throwing attacks, beatings, forced prostitution and, the most common of all crimes, rape. i have seen many episodes of a drama ” Fight back now” an Indian crime based drama, in which they show cases related to human trafficking.The last episode i saw was in which they showed that the traffickers injected some medicine to the girl of 13 years only so that she can grow fast and start looking like an adult, after some weeks her body started to change and started looking like an adult girl, like some girl aged 17 And that was really surprising for me, and left a question in my mind that really these kind of injections are available in markets ? if yes then who are selling them ? There’s nobody to report about theses medicines? And here i am still sitting with these questions in mind.. Well if they are available These  injections should be banned immediately and the should take prior notice.

I know him is to love him. Atif Aslam the best singer ! — June 22, 2015

I know him is to love him. Atif Aslam the best singer !

Yes that’s love. iam the biggest fan of Atif Aslam, who’s the music star of our country. Many girls are into him, and it’s very common for someone who’s a celebrity. But my case is different, iam crazy and just when you think you’ve reached the bottom of my craziness, there’s a crazy underground garage.

I can do anything for him .My craze for Atif started when his first album was released. I was amazed by his heart touching voice, his voice touches my soul. Iam so crazy about him that my official signature is Sharmeen Atif , and even my official email address is with the name of atif e.g sam_love_atifaslam.

I had to go  through a lot of awkward situation in her life because of being Atif’s fan, school, college and now in university, hooting always have been very common for me. when you are a fan of a famous celebrity you have to face too many problems but tackling all those awkward situations is something amazing like i  have been tackling almost everyday. I was criticized by my family alot, initially they thought my craze for Atif will be limited to my teenage days only but time proved them wrong after seeing my growing craze everyday, its something beyond craziness.

I can fight for him with anyone. I can even break my friendship or may create distance with the one who are not in favour of Atif. I mostly hear people claiming about Atif that he is arrogant and rude but I don’t think he’s rude at all we all know that he’s very funny and down to earth, that’s what he seems to be on tv atleast. I have every possible reason to defend Atif in anything that’s been asked against him.

atif collga sj1 copy

I am so insane about him that I celebrates his birthday on 12 march every year. From the age of 19 iam celebrating his birthday. I decorates my class in university even brings Atif’s picture in which I presents a piece of cake to Atif’s picture. I celebrates his birthday on a large scale and does all possible efforts to make this day special. I have been celebrating Atif’s birthday for 4 years now and thats quite enough to prove my love for Atif. My eternal love is apparent on his birthday. i really feel happy when i celebrate his birthday because this is all i can do for him. I don’t want anything in return of my unrequited love, because iam very happy and satisfy enough in my own circle of love. Iam very less bother about people who make fun or talk about my obsession.


My biggest wish was to see Atif live, and my wish has been fulfilled when Atif came in Bahria Town for concert. Omg that was the best day of my life. I was sitting in the front and when Atif came, i wasn’t in me, i was somewhere else. When Atif came on the stage, I cried.. omgggggg that moment, the people around me were looking weirdly that what happened to this girl but they ddn’t knw, that’s the real love ! it was the best best and besttttt day of my life. Iam very thankful to my sister, nd my friend and offcours Allah, just because of them i was there that night. ”21 march” the best day of my life. In the morning i was very confused and was preparing for his concert. i bought new dress, sandles and bag, and was busy in cleansing and all lol. I have took Atif’s picture from my own camera and its unbelievable for me. its like a dream come true. Thankyou Allah!

BeFunky_atif stage.jpg BeFunky_atif11.jpg

Is it all enough to define an interesting fan?

Atif is only reason behind her smile, infact i use to come out from depression and worries through listening his voice. Though i haven’t met Atif personally and he don’t even know me but still iam so enthusiastic about doing anything for him. I tried my all possible ways to approach him but got disappointed from the people who fooled me in his name, can’t forget the pranks that people played on me from all those fake id’s and numbers of Atif Aslam. I was very upset, when I heard about his marriage with Sarah Bharwani, but my all best wishes are always with him and I always found my self as an “Atif’s well-wisher so marriage isn’t a issue for me. Atif will be a good father, I know as he is a gentleman. i’ll always pray for his success and healthy life and for his family.

We all should be proud of him and should give respect to this great personality. He is the only Pakistani singer who have fought for Pakistan in reality show. ”sur kshetra” in which Ayesha Boshlte and Himesh didn’t let any chance slip from their hands to criticizes Pakistan but Atif’s was always their to support Pakistan and answered their questions wisely and intellectually. He’s a patriotic guy too. He’s a great man with an outstanding personality. May Allah protect his from all the evil eyes and bless his family with peace and happiness.

Yeah, Atif isn’t aware of the fact that a girl in karachi is so crazy about him that she can do all insanity to prove her affection for him. And yes , this crazy girl will remain a well-wisher of Atif for rest of the life.

And yes , this crazy girl will remain a well-wisher of Atif for rest of the life.

Thanda Thanda Cool Cool — May 30, 2015

Thanda Thanda Cool Cool

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What can be better in hot weather than cool, sweet, colorful dessert and whenever it comes the name of Gola Ganda, dhoraji is the only place that people prefer to choose, because there are numbers of carts parked with a number of flouring syrups for Gola Ganda. It is a traditional colorful icy snack. The Gola Gandas of Dhoraji Colony Karachi have gained world wide fame. Crushed ice, flavoring syrups, fruit, condensed milk, dried fruit , little pieces of jelly and chocolate syrup all are the ingredients of mouth watering juicy iced known as Gola Ganda. The thought of Gola Ganda instantly brings water to your mouth.

8 copy

Dhoraji boasts a line of Gola Ganda carts. But ”UNCLE GOLA” with his cart is the one who started it all. Hajji Mohammad Taufiq is the ”owner of Uncle Gola” and its been 40 years, he started with his cart at dhoraji chorangi, and its been 7 years that he have been shifted his cart at this place, and through this time period he have faced alot of difficulties. Initially he had faced alot of difficulties but he continued struggling hard to gain success. He knows that he have to fight through some bad days to earn the best days of his life. i really respect the owner(Muhammad taufiq) of ”Uncle Gola” because i can see his hardwork, he’s the owner but still he stands under hot sunny sun and struggles, he’s not like other owners who stays at home and give orders to their workers.

4 copy

i visit this place ”dhoraji” alot, and for Gola Ganda i always prefer to choose Uncle Gola because of its taste. His cheapest Gola Ganda served on a stick or in a plastic glass is cost for Rs50 and the most expensive one on a bowl with all the yummy toppings is for Rs200. its cost for 200 rupees because of the yummy ice-cream scope which they adds in their gola ganda, and each scope is of 80 rupees, and the dry-fruits and canned fruits which adds specialty in their Gola Ganda. and em surprised by variety of amazing colors and toppings which they have. And condensed milk is best part of topping and  love it alott.

12 copy

”Gola uncle” gola is the most famous, because people knowing their name since 40 years and that time there was only 2 charts including his chart. Rab Nawaz, the worker  of uncle gola is a very honest man and works their with passion. i know this much about ”uncle Gola” because i have took his interview for my article.

They are the oldest one standing there , and a saying is perfectly fitting over here. ”Old is Gold”. They are very old, they have been from 40 years with same cart and face, so obviously a large number people knows their name.

7 copy

i love watching that scene when they put a piece of ice on a machine which gives you crushed and shaved ice in seconds. People especially in summer enjoys with cold crushed juicy ice which gives yummy taste in their mouth. This hot weather always persuades me to visit this place and the taste of uncle Gola Ganda is beyond words. Nothing beats the summer heat better than the Gola Ganda. People attracts by its colorful decoration, rainbow colors. After having one bite, you’ll feel cool even inside the depth of your mouth. Uncle Gola have all the flavoring colors and their special taste drives everyone crazy. Same like I felt, whenever i eat Gola Ganda.

9 copy

My home is far from this area but still i visits dhoraji, no matter how miles i have to covered to be at this place. The carts lighten up even at fajar time. Some people prefer to visit at night to enjoy night breeze with Gola Ganda. Especially on friday and saturday night, the road would get pack with the cars even sometimes people don’t find any place to park but still they love to visit this place.

There are always some unique things which make things different from other. There are two unique things which differentiate Uncle Gola from all other carts of Dhoraji. These facilities added unique change from all other carts. One is they also provide home delivery to nearby places and other is… Any guess? It has become the need of person. Yes its WIFI. Uncle Gola is the only cart parked there which allows you to enjoy with WIFI facility. You wouldn’t have to wait to reach home and upload your picture, because in the seconds you can post picture of your gala Ganda on facebook or instagram.I am very amazed that even a cart can provide you the facility like WIFI. People from different areas visits here and enjoy their day with thanda cool cool, Gola Ganda.  If people would be able to upload picture, then we would be having more chance to get more popular, other-than that we always tries to give comfort to their customers.

15 copy

The WiFFi  facility that they provides, turned good into great. Everyone should try to fulfill their customer needs to make someone as their good or regular customer, Just as he did. Step by step he has strengthen his position, that’s way dhoraji shines with his identity/ cart ”Uncle Gola”.

13 copy

Its true struggle always pay off, same like in Mohammad taufiq case. He didn’t give-up but continues to struggle and got fame in the name of ”UNCLE GOLA”. Someone said right ”The harder the struggle, the more glorious the Triumph” .  

COURTESY :These all pictures were captured my me.

Finally Pakistan can see some cricket action at its actual home ground ! — May 20, 2015

Finally Pakistan can see some cricket action at its actual home ground !

A great news for all Pakistanis people.

Bangladesh will be the first test-playing nation to tour Pakistan since 2009, playing two Twenty20 matches and three one-day internationals.

The international cricket wasn’t seen since 6 years due to attacked on Sri-Lanka team in near the Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore, Pakistan. The cricketers were on their way to play the third day of the second Test against the Pakistani cricket team. Six members of the Sri-Lanka national cricket team were injured. Six Pakistani policemen and two civilians were killed. And then New Zealand abandoned their Test series in Pakistan after a suicide bomb attack outside their hotel. However, they returned in the 2003/2004 season to fulfill their commitments. Australia had recently refused to tour on safety grounds. Inshort Pakistan had faced many difficulties and criticism in these 6 years.

Zimbabwe decided to visit Pakistan after 6 years but the tour was in jeopardy last week after militants killed dozens of minority Shiites in a bus in the southern port city of Karachi, again this cause the barrier. Zimbabwe Cricket first issued a statement that it was suspending the tour but retracted that within half an hour. The Pakistan Cricket Board chairman Shaharyar Khan talked to his counterpart Wilson Manase three times and convinced him to go through with the tour.

Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe tour to Pakistan, Pakistan vs Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe vs Pakistan, PakvZim, ZimvPak, Cricket News, Cricket

But now dream of restoration of international cricket is going to fulfill because finally after the long hurdle, Zimbabwe team has been reached at Lahore for Pakistan tour. Where they warmed welcomed by people, they have been welcomed with open hearts, smiles and love from people of PAKISTAN. Zimbabwe has become the first test country to tour Pakistan since that fatal attack on Sri-Lankans.

Pakistan security Zimbabwe

Thousands of security personnel were deployed as the team were taken from Lahore airport to a city hotel. Team Zimbabwe and Pakistan will play two T20 matches and three one-day internationals starting on Friday. Pakistan Cricket Board officials received the Zimbabwe players at Lahore airport with garlands.

“This is a happy occasion. I am grateful to the Zimbabwean government which made this tour possible,” PCB chief operating officer Subhan Ahmed told Pakistan TV.

Fast bowler Mohammad Sami has been recalled, as has former captain Shoaib Malik, but there is no place for spin bowler Saeed Ajmal. people will surely miss Saeed Ajmal because he is a very good bowler. The 15-man squad also sees batsman Umar Akmal return after failing to impress in the Cricket World Cup and being left out of the recent tour of Bangladesh.

In this photograph taken on May 16, 2015, a Pakistani shopkeeper poses with tickets for the forthcoming Pakistan and Zimbabwe cricket series at a shopping mall in Lahore.

People went crazy with the tour of Zimbabwe. Pakistani fans have been deprived of cricket and Friday’s first T20 is sold out. They all are excited for the match after all its going to happen after 6 years and the fun of watching cricket in our own home ground is beyond words. Tickets went on sale in Pakistan Saturday for next week’s cricket series against Zimbabwe, they are crazily buying tickets.

And as far as security is concerned, it was done skillfully and strictly on the occasion of Zimbabwe teams arrival. And it was necessary to provide heavy security especially after the sectarian bus massacre in Karachi last week which already highlighted the security risks.

Good to see international cricket in Pakistan, Alhamdulillah cricket is back home and we are very excited and happy for re-start of international cricket in Pakistan. But Iam very disappointed from some people of Pakistan who are criticizing their country, how someone can do that with their very own country ? Sad to say but I’ve seen some negative comments on facebook related to Zimbabwe tour, instead of supporting Pakistan some people are underestimating Pakistan and giving negative comments. Some comments were like ” Zimbabwe team pls insurance karwalo apni’ how could they say that ? For me, these are poor people who doesn’t have any other work to do. We should encourage Zimbabwe team and make them feel like they have taken the right decision rather than to make them feel wrong. I just pray for the peace inshallah this time nothing would go against Pakistan. This is the chance for Pakistan for proving everyone as wrong and for that they have to provide strick security to Zimbabwe and would takecare of this team with full efforts, because there are some people who want to ruin the name of Pakistan so the police, army, and rangers should be highly alert from such kind of people.

Hope for peace in the region. That will lead to more opportunities for the people.. In education, employment, tourism and in investment. All the best to the Pakistan Cricket Team.

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