Yes that’s love. iam the biggest fan of Atif Aslam, who’s the music star of our country. Many girls are into him, and it’s very common for someone who’s a celebrity. But my case is different, iam crazy and just when you think you’ve reached the bottom of my craziness, there’s a crazy underground garage.

I can do anything for him .My craze for Atif started when his first album was released. I was amazed by his heart touching voice, his voice touches my soul. Iam so crazy about him that my official signature is Sharmeen Atif , and even my official email address is with the name of atif e.g sam_love_atifaslam.

I had to go  through a lot of awkward situation in her life because of being Atif’s fan, school, college and now in university, hooting always have been very common for me. when you are a fan of a famous celebrity you have to face too many problems but tackling all those awkward situations is something amazing like i  have been tackling almost everyday. I was criticized by my family alot, initially they thought my craze for Atif will be limited to my teenage days only but time proved them wrong after seeing my growing craze everyday, its something beyond craziness.

I can fight for him with anyone. I can even break my friendship or may create distance with the one who are not in favour of Atif. I mostly hear people claiming about Atif that he is arrogant and rude but I don’t think he’s rude at all we all know that he’s very funny and down to earth, that’s what he seems to be on tv atleast. I have every possible reason to defend Atif in anything that’s been asked against him.

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I am so insane about him that I celebrates his birthday on 12 march every year. From the age of 19 iam celebrating his birthday. I decorates my class in university even brings Atif’s picture in which I presents a piece of cake to Atif’s picture. I celebrates his birthday on a large scale and does all possible efforts to make this day special. I have been celebrating Atif’s birthday for 4 years now and thats quite enough to prove my love for Atif. My eternal love is apparent on his birthday. i really feel happy when i celebrate his birthday because this is all i can do for him. I don’t want anything in return of my unrequited love, because iam very happy and satisfy enough in my own circle of love. Iam very less bother about people who make fun or talk about my obsession.


My biggest wish was to see Atif live, and my wish has been fulfilled when Atif came in Bahria Town for concert. Omg that was the best day of my life. I was sitting in the front and when Atif came, i wasn’t in me, i was somewhere else. When Atif came on the stage, I cried.. omgggggg that moment, the people around me were looking weirdly that what happened to this girl but they ddn’t knw, that’s the real love ! it was the best best and besttttt day of my life. Iam very thankful to my sister, nd my friend and offcours Allah, just because of them i was there that night. ”21 march” the best day of my life. In the morning i was very confused and was preparing for his concert. i bought new dress, sandles and bag, and was busy in cleansing and all lol. I have took Atif’s picture from my own camera and its unbelievable for me. its like a dream come true. Thankyou Allah!

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Is it all enough to define an interesting fan?

Atif is only reason behind her smile, infact i use to come out from depression and worries through listening his voice. Though i haven’t met Atif personally and he don’t even know me but still iam so enthusiastic about doing anything for him. I tried my all possible ways to approach him but got disappointed from the people who fooled me in his name, can’t forget the pranks that people played on me from all those fake id’s and numbers of Atif Aslam. I was very upset, when I heard about his marriage with Sarah Bharwani, but my all best wishes are always with him and I always found my self as an “Atif’s well-wisher so marriage isn’t a issue for me. Atif will be a good father, I know as he is a gentleman. i’ll always pray for his success and healthy life and for his family.

We all should be proud of him and should give respect to this great personality. He is the only Pakistani singer who have fought for Pakistan in reality show. ”sur kshetra” in which Ayesha Boshlte and Himesh didn’t let any chance slip from their hands to criticizes Pakistan but Atif’s was always their to support Pakistan and answered their questions wisely and intellectually. He’s a patriotic guy too. He’s a great man with an outstanding personality. May Allah protect his from all the evil eyes and bless his family with peace and happiness.

Yeah, Atif isn’t aware of the fact that a girl in karachi is so crazy about him that she can do all insanity to prove her affection for him. And yes , this crazy girl will remain a well-wisher of Atif for rest of the life.

And yes , this crazy girl will remain a well-wisher of Atif for rest of the life.