This time it’s Ismaili’s that are on screens, “Pakistan and its eternal cycle of death” — May 14, 2015

This time it’s Ismaili’s that are on screens, “Pakistan and its eternal cycle of death”

Rest in peace all who lost their lives. What cruel and brutal country we live in.

This time its Ismaili Muslim community that have been targeted. I don’t understand what’s happening around our country ? Is this Karachi that was famous for its lightening? Sadly now Karachi is only known for blood and blood stains everywhere.

Ismailis in Pakistan are an influential, well-knit community known for operating hospitals, universities, schools, charities and infrastructure projects. Their spiritual leader is the Aga Khan, who summarily condemned the attack.

Unlike some other Shiite groups, Ismailis hadn’t been heavily targeted by militants in Pakistan previously. This is the first such incident of unkindness towards the Ismaili community. The gunmen appeared to have been well-prepared for the attack. They were in police dress.

Karachi Bus Attack

About 60 people were on the bus when it was stopped in the Safoora Chowk area on its way to the Ayesha Manzil Ismaili centre, police said.

Most of the victims were shot in the head. After the attack, the bus was driven into a hospital parking lot with bullet holes riddled all along its side, said Salma Wahid, an official at the Memon Medical Institute Hospital in Karachi. I can’t believe how the death toll is rising. Media saying 47 dead. It was latest in a series of terror attacks targeting minorities

This is a sorrow beyond grief. RIP the innocent victims of this brutality. This attack is deeply saddening & utterly condemnable. They all were Pakistani citizens and as per our constitution all Pakistanis are equal and government is bound to ensure that their lives are as protected as others. They are killed for no reason and rhyme. We stand firmly with the people of Pakistan in this hour of grief. I wish all those injured a quick recovery, and rip to those who died. may Allah gives patience to the victim’s family. They have lost their loved once for no reason. This is one of the most toughest time for them, we should stand with them. This is barbaric! No one deserves to die like this,

The relatives of victims. 13 May 2015

Innocent lives have been lost in a senseless act of violence. we should pray for Pakistan, because it’s situation getting worse day by day and one have to take quick action. Please government do something for us, for innocent people , who are killing with the names of religion. we aren’t safe now, we feel insecure whenever we go anywhere, it’s all because situation of our country have developed that fear. But what we do as a common person ? should wait for our turn or should leave Pakistan ? I feel really sad by saying this, because both options are unacceptable for us, how can we wait for our turn ? it’s so horrible, and how can we leave Pakistan ? it’s our country we cannot leave because of fear. All we do is to stand with equality  and should not fight among all, we shouldn’t give any chance to terrorist.

Who's Next opponent of Goldberg

Airports, schools, markets, mosques, Imambargha’s, police stations, Army headquarters, Air & Naval bases. Public Transport. Nothing is Safe or Secure. WHY? This is the question running in my mind all the day but there’s noone to answer me ”that your wrong, we are safe” , because the truth is we aren’t safe anymore. Where is government, police and rangers? what they are doing for us ? Actually they ain’t doing anything for us, just standing at the corners and watching the violence. WAKEUP PLS, it can be happen to your family member aswell. Army or law enforcement personnel and all these politician has to say is ”we condemned” and then they vanish. They thinks that saying this word condemn, they fulfills their responsibility. Aah i don’t know what to say, we can just pray. Please god have some Mersey on all humankind around the globe. Save all from terrorist, natural calamities and accidents, and please guide such people, help them in understanding human life.


Breathing space for girls.. ”Pink Rickshaw in Lahore” — May 9, 2015

Breathing space for girls.. ”Pink Rickshaw in Lahore”

If we analyze women’s position in Pakistan then it will be seen that the women of Pakistan are facing a lot of problems. No matter how developed your country, women are not safe on their own.They faces problems everywhere, at every places. One of the disaster problem she face when she travels. Harassment is one of the main problem faced by working women. They have to face different types of difficulties and harassments. Harassment, in different manifestations from staring and stalking to sexual advances, is fear for many of them.

Many women faces harassment in rickshaw all over in Pakistan due to pervert auto drivers.  Not me, but my friends are also victims, and im sure that whoever travels in rickshaw, faces problems.

7 Common Problems Faced By Single Ladies

‘i mostly travel in rickshaw and faces harassment of different types. some rickshaw drivers stares from the front mirror, some sings songs with their disaster vocal cords, some gives cheap comments , some ask for number or some even involves in kidnapping.” i have faced all these problems while traveling in Auto, and whenever i travel, i use to make wish that instead of male drivers, there must be female driver for female and believe me after some days i heard news about pink rickshaw in Lohare, and that was unbelievable for me.. i was like ” esa bhi huskta hai ?” and credit goes to Zar Aslam, president of non-profit Environment Protection Fund. said she once narrowly escaped kidnapping by a rickshaw driver when she was a student, which triggered the idea of launching her “Pink Rickshaw” service. i feel very happy for the women’s of lohare.

Zar Aslam says she is fed up with being groped and harassed by male auto-rickshaw drivers and so has launched her own service exclusively for women passengers and drivers in her home city of Lahore, Pakistan. – Reuters pic, April 10, 2015.

The “rickshaws” are covered three-wheel motorcycles and Aslam bought one to start with, added fans, doors and headlights and painted it pink and white.

The service is launched to provide women, travelling comfort without being harassed or feeling uncomfortable. Our society has changed in a lot of ways, now women’s are more educated then men, and women’s can go alone for their work and it’s very common. Everyday many women who travel in rickshaw faces problems, some feel uncomfortable to go out and some don’t go out alone because of the fear of being harassed. So, harassment are barrier for women’s in every field.

But now this problem is solved for  the women’s of Lohare. im so glad that at least one city is now safe from this harassment.  Ladies auto rickshaw in Lahore highly commendable effort towards helping families economically and reduce poverty. This trend should be implemented through out Pakistan. Today’s tough time, both woman and man must work for a better life and to support their families. pink rickshaw can not only reduces harassment but can also reduce financial problem. So those who are jobless and have nothing to do, instead of being jobless , they can be a part of this rickshaw and can earn money in a respected way.

This small step taken by the NGO may well go on to bring a huge reform in the country where it is uncommon for women to pursue unconventional jobs such as driving a taxi or rickshaw. And this Pink rickshaw will also enable female to travel without fear of getting harassed on the street.


Our ladies must be encouraged and respected all over Pakistan. So, We should encourage all those ladies who are part of it, and took this brave step for us. This is the most safest ride for women, they can safely travel anywhere without any fear. Zar Aslam not only boost their confidence but also provide safety and comfort to females traveling in the city. And its the most prominent step towards women empowerment.

From this act, i has been proved that not only men but women are also capable of doing anything. Once they take a stand, nobody can keep stand in front of her power. Government should support and appreciate this act and should implement it in karachi and in other cities of Pakistan aswell. In this way atlaest this travelling harassment can be erase from Pakistan. All we do is to take a step forward to make anything possible. We can make our all possible efforts to make Pakistan free from these unkind acts, all we do is to ”TAKE A STAND”.


11 ways to know he’s/she’s cheating on you… ”No secret, no lies” — May 8, 2015

11 ways to know he’s/she’s cheating on you… ”No secret, no lies”


Relationships shouldn’t be free from lie or any secret, otherwise there is no purity left in any relation.

Image result for ways to know someone is cheating on you

” I’ll love you as long as your actions don’t make me doubt your words, trust is earned not given. ”  -fernie_love

Millions of people are in doubt about their relationships that they are on a right track or not. people always have question in their mind, Is she/he is cheating on me ?

Sometimes our gut feelings can tell’s us about many hidden stories. But you should not only relay upon your gut feelings. Gut feelings can be true or can be wrong as well, All you do is to be alert. cheating is a crime for me and i condemn this act of shamelessness. if you’re in relationship you cannot cheat that person, if you can’t handle the relation then it’s better to breakup rather than to hurt someone. It is time to start looking for the signs that he is being unfaithful. The longer you be in relationship , the longer you will be in depression,  and the worse you will feel if you find out he has not been honest with you. So Here are some signs or ways that will help you out for knowing he/she is cheating on you.

Know if a Guy Is Cheating on You Step 6.jpg

1: Start ignoring you : Yes this is one of the most stronger sign from which you can have the idea about his another face or about his disloyalty. He/she don’t talk to you as you used to talk. When he/she just rarely talks to you with no attention.

Find out if Your Boyfriend Is Cheating on You (for Girls) Step 2.jpg

2: Changing in behavior : Just observe his behavior, if there’s some changing in his behavior then it simply means, there is definitely some black black. Change of behavior is something, which can put you to be in depression

3: No more willingness to meet with you : When he is not keen to meet with you or does not make any plan with you for any meeting, then simply means his level of interest has been decrease. In relationships, both girls and boys are always excited to meet each other, and this excitement can also be a reason behind their bonding. Somehow your untrustworthy bf/gf just doesn’t have the time for you like before. Remember it’s not about ”having” time, it’s about ”making time”.

4: Spending less time with you : When he/she starts spending less time with you and ready to make lame excuses. you people should understand the difference between the one who speaks to you on their free time and someone who free’s their time to speak to you.

Know if a Guy Is Cheating on You Step 5.jpg

5:  Fake emotional lines : They don’t let any chance to slip from them to say ”you deserve much better then me” : This is a very pity line they can say to you. Don’t think they are saying for your own betterment, they say this to make their path through which they can slightly moves, and you wont be having reason to blame them. you just say

”AAww ! he just left because he thinks, he don’t deserve me, I  deserve better than him” and that’s wrong

6: Gives you NO importance : Making decisions for their life , without even letting you to know anything. He/she should tell every important happening of their life. In other words, he/she loses his interest in you.

7: More use of social sites : when he/she use to spend more time on social media and start neglecting you. I think social media plays a massive part in breaking relationships. So just pay attention pay attention to social media use. Too much tweeting, and posting  and liking opposite gender images isn’t a good sign for the one who’s in relation.

8:  When he\she gives excuses about everything that have been asked for: when they start giving unnecessary lame excuses.

Know if a Guy Is Cheating on You Step 7.jpg

9: Fighting for no reason : when he\she starts fighting with you with no reason. even get annoyed  when you ask him where he’s/she’s  been. And makes different excuses for one mistake.

one dispute sad couple man and woman

10: Forced Conversation : Avoid force conversation, if she/he isn’t talking to you then don’t force them to talk just give them time to realize that he is doing wrong with you.

11: If he doesn’t intend to contact your parents asap : It simply means he isn’t interested in marrying with you. because if he is interested, then why he would make excuses ? the one who truly loves each other don’t delay in doing marriage.

Find out if Your Boyfriend Is Cheating on You (for Girls) Step 10.jpg

These above are the ways to know he’s/she’s cheating on you. Boy or girl both can be a cheater. These are the most prominent ways to know which will help you to know. The longer you be in relationship , the longer you will be in depression,  and the worse you will feel if you find out he has not been honest with you. If your partner is cheating on you then you should confront with them as soon as possible, you should ask them why they have change their behavior with you. You, yourself try to dig out things wisely. And try to sort out things with him by patience but if things still doesn’t work out then its better to quite rather to be in depression.

Quotes On Love And Relationships Original.png

” Life is too short to wakeup in the morning with regrets, So love the people who treat you rightly and forget about the ones who don’t. ”



Society plays a vital role in exploiting personality.. ”ZIP Bus Chup Raho” — May 7, 2015

Society plays a vital role in exploiting personality.. ”ZIP Bus Chup Raho”

What do you thing you are the only one who have problems ? That’s not true actually. Everyone having problems in their life, just have different ways of copping with it.

Everyone is responsible for their acts ? Do u agree ? yes or no ? people have their own level of thoughts that puts them to think with different perspective. I am neutral in this case. Sometimes we don’t know the story behind anything, we just make our own synopses. So never assume anything without knowing the real story behind any situation.  If somebody do something bad we starts criticizing them and uses harsh and nasty words for them, but have you ever think about the reasons that might have pushed them to be at that situation ? Probably no ? right ?

Society today is shaped by personal experience, self-seeking, and mass media, rather than the religious and moral institutions which shaped society for so long. We lives in a society where there is no importance of lower class people, no respect left for them, that’s why there is a high competition of classes among people. People are indulging in bad acts to have money and to gain a respect in society. They are ready to do anything to fulfill there basic needs and to fulfill society needs aswell. High class people are the only one, that does exists in our society as the prominent individual.

Sometimes our society pushes us to make any decision about anything, as shown in shown in Geo TV Drama ”ZIP Bus Chup Rahu”. And you will glad to know that Ayesha khan, Humayun Saeed, and Annie Jaffrey are in this Drama, these famous and iconic names is enough for you people to know that its a worth-watching drama. It has only 23 episodes and for me its was the best drama of 2011. This was the very moral based drama. They have showed the society so real. The story is the emotional and traumatic journey of Parveen un Nisa, a woman living in a post modernist society, where individuals are valued on the basis of their skills and their socio-economic achievements. She is not skilled or bright enough to live up to the expectations and demands of such societies.  Because her husband has mysteriously left her a few years back which led her to face many challenges as a single parent. She was the mother of a son and daughter who are demanding. They always demands with her to have those all things which their friends are having. But Parveen was a wife without husband, she have faced many difficulties. She was unaware with the real face of the society. Because they are some people in society who takes advantages with the one who is helpless. This frustration and fear misleads her to trust women called Gypsy who claims to be a socialite, but in reality she exploit vulnerable women and trains them to become an object of rich business tycoon’s.

This story unveils the hidden facts that how our society treats a women once gets trapped, especially when a women without her husband carrying responsibilities of their children. with the entry of gypsy, here comes the twist. She transforms Parveen into Paro. Parveen has never been happy being Paro.  But she has made her PARO identity hidden from everyone. Her children didn’t knew that where her mother goes and what she do. But her neighbors were curious about her that where she goes at night with being nicely dressed-up.

The story has already twisted by the entry of Gypsy. Do you think that this story can be twist more ? so its to inform you that still the big twist is on the way. Many of you already have watched this drama and many of you havn’t. Because this is not that famous drama and it was the drama of 2011, when there was less trend of watching Pakistani drama’s. But believe me this was the best drama of all. Only contains 23 episode you can easily watch it. I, myself don’t like to watch drama’s containing large number of episodes. You’ll be in love with each episode of this drama. I don’t watches drama’s honestly speaking. That day i tuned to Geo and randomly watched it because there was nothing to watch that time and after watching one episode, i noted the timings of this drama and became keen to watch the next episodes even my family were surprised to see me watching drama. This is the first drama that i have watched twice and still planning to watch again. so just imaging the level of my likeness towards this drama and I’am sure you people will also enjoy with each episodes of it. Because it’s a very realistic drama, show’s how a society pushed  women to be as bad, and how her children were competing them with their peer circle, that all because the bitter face of society.

The question is, do you think that Parveen will continue to play her role as Paro for the rest of the life ? or she will quite and lives her life normally with  Parveen identity only? so watch this drama and get your answers. And the traumatic turning point has shown in some last episodes which will definitely make your jaw open. So for all these questions don’t forget to watch this exciting drama serial that takes you to the world of suspense, and closer to the brutal reality until then sit back and ‘ZIP


Endless list of lessons that we can learn from a movie ”A WALK TO REMEMBER” — May 5, 2015

Endless list of lessons that we can learn from a movie ”A WALK TO REMEMBER”

”Love is always patient and kind. It is never jealous. Love is never boastful or conceited. It is never rude or selfish. It does not take offense and is not resentful. Love takes no pleasure in others people sins, but delights in the truth. It is always ready to excuse, to trust, to hope, and to endure whatever comes ”

Love someone with purity, they may die someday

How it feels when someone holds your hands in public and start protecting you ? how it feels when someone want to be at your side forever? how it feels when someone looks into your heart with loyalty and innocence ? how it feels when your sick and someone is making his all possible efforts just to make u smile ? how it feels someone starts fulfilling your wish-list ? you might be feeling amazing and obviously this is the magical feeling for everybody .. and Yes Jamie felt the same.

I’m sure many of you have watched A Walk to Remember, the movie. Many also have read the book, written by Nicholas Spark. For me this is the best movie of Nicholas spark. I have watched this movie uncountable times and still didn’t tired of watching it again and again. Only because it’s a love story ? No, because it’s a moral based movie, with every dialogue of this movie, there’s a hidden lesson. Through Landon and Jamie’s beautiful love story Nicholas Sparks helps us to learn multiple virtuous lessons. Landon showed us all how people can change over such a short period of time throughout the story.

A Walk To Remember Tumblr Quotes A walk to remember quotes

Landon and Jamie played the main role in this movie. Jamie was a very simple girl and her fellows used to mocked her everyday including Landon aswell.  London was a spoiled child and was having spoil peer circle aswell. He didn’t know what to do in life, just busy in doing evil acts with friends. but we can’t judge someone by his action or peer circle, all we have to judge him by his heart as lesson showed in this movie. They just need a hand to hold and then see the magic. what Landon was at the beginning of the story and what he became at the end of the story. That was unbelievable but see its possible you never know how person can change. Landon was having bad company but he was so soft and nice from his heart. He have set example in this movie. After watching this movie, every girl might have started feeling to have a guy like Landon. When he and Jamie got close to each other, Landon started protecting her. He left that bad company and started to think about this life in a new perspective. Jamie made him a good human being that everybody wish to be. The best of this movie was  transformation to a wonderful young man because of the faith that Jamie puts in him.

It’s true that love can do anything, love can change us. Through love, Landon mends his broken relationship with his father for Jamie’s sake. this movie teaches something about parenting too. About the scar a parent left to his kid when he walked away. It lasted for years. Scar on your heart. But then, at the end of the day, your parents are still your parents. We learn something deeper from the movie too. Jamie’s dream was to witness a miracle. We learnt from the movie that the miracle was Landon. This shows that a miracle to each and every one of us does not need to be by seeing a rocket flying out through our window, or encountering aliens, or watching comets. A miracle is deeper. More mysterious. It’s in us.

i walk to remember

He started caring for her more than before. he was with her on every moment. Jamie wasn’t alone, Landon was with her.

you are perfect

The best scene of this movie was, when Jamie told Landon about her sickness. And he wasn’t having clue that she is talking about leukemia. When Jamie told him, he feels like he never felt before. He started crying and that was the most pity scene, i cried too. This is the movie that made me cried so hard. I was amazed by his love. He started making Jamie happy, he started doing things for her. We learn something deeper from the movie too. Jamie’s dream was to witness a miracle. We learnt from the movie that the miracle was Landon. This shows that a miracle to each and everyone of us does not need to be by seeing a rocket flying out through our window, or encountering aliens, or watching comets. A miracle is deeper. More mysterious. It’s in us.

give me therapy.

And at last Landon fulfilled Jamie big wish by marrying her. that was the cutest scene. and then she died. but changed Landon forever. Last but not least, of course, the movie teaches us about love. Love between lovers, love between parents and their children, love between friends. The sacrifice it takes, the fairness, the tears and laughter, the lesson to be good, it’s all there. and yes love cannot be with looks, but with simplicity.

you never know that the person with whom you used to get irritate in past, can become your everything. Like Landon, in beginning he don’t give any dam to Jamie, whenever she came to talk her he used to ignore. but see the situation changed. The girl whom Landon used to be irritated, is the same girl he started to love. love is unconditional. you never know what can happen, you never know with whom you may fall. And you don’t need to be perfect. Be with someone who brings out the best in you.

Life is short. you never know what tomorrow be like. so live the moment and value the one you love. treat your love one nicely because you don’t know how long they’ll survive on this world. Like Landon he wasn’t having idea about Jamie sickness but when she died he wasn’t having any regret because he done all the things for her to make her laugh. Though Jamie died but for Landon she’s still alive, alive in his heart.

“ Jamie saved my life. she taught me everything. about life, hope and the long journey ahead. I’ll always miss her. but our love is like the wind. I can’t see it… but I can feel it. “


Looking for a good content ? then stop being bound in looking to the source at first — May 4, 2015

Looking for a good content ? then stop being bound in looking to the source at first

Interesting Content

Try to understand the value of content. The more stronger your content will, the more audience will get attracted to it or would be more strongly grabbed by your content

Why u people want to click in my blog ? to know the same old stories ? all those old facts ? Probably No. it’s because you want some interesting content and want to know the new perspective about anything. Life is busy, no people have time to waste in watching or reading familiar and useless content. why you guys click to any article or something, even if you don’t plan to read but still u chooses to click to see ”akhir  esa kia hai ismae ” ? it’s because headline that makes us to click. Similarly you know the reason why you clicks to see videos that are on facebook ? again just because of the headline. so again its CONTENT.

You people would have the idea now that what im talking about or what im trying to explain. yes i believe content is first most important part for anything, without content your all material would be like a ”jungle without lion” or a ”rose without smell” .

Visual content is taking over the social web. Visuals work online for a few different reasons. The first and most important reason is that they grab the reader’s attention and quickly.


Post structuralist theory also states the same that content is important, the message must be strong. The message can be in the form of articles, videos, blogs, news stories, talk shows, even memes and there are so many

Having access to content anytime, anywhere is becoming increasingly important to audiences. With certain cable service providers, audience are able to access their favorite programming anytime, anywhere. That means audiences are able to watch what they want on their television, online or even on their mobile device. so why we have bound ourselves to those high rating channels? its time to break the boundaries and give chance to those talented anchors that have been hidden into cells so-called low rating channels. Rating is depend on us, we first prefer to switch to those high rating channels such as Geo, Ary, Express. and start to watch the show even if the content is good or not. We are not giving chance to other channels. just bother to switch to those channel and try listening to what they are saying. im not saying that those channels always show strong content. nor saying that those Geo, Ary all those high rating channels shows weak content. It’s all about the priorities that we gives. Why the top rating news channels shows the news with adding spice into it. it’s because people don’t want to see the same stuff again and again, the more spice added up to news, the more people willing to know about it. Right? because they knows very well that millions of people are watching their channel and they should give news which can grab their audience attention. so why they doesn’t give news without adding all those spice colours to it ? it’s just because of the content that they are struggling for. they are struggling to make their content strong and different from others. Image the SAME happening of politics with SAME content in all the news channels. its boring ? it must be. if the channels start giving same news ? obviously people will get bore with the same content. how to present the same news content with different style is an art that can grab or hold your audience attention.

How to go viral by Yoke Melbourne

Remember you only have a few seconds to convince someone to click through to your piece of content. Bring in the attention-grabbing headline – it’s concise, it’s descriptive, it’s a promise of something good. so always be wise while selecting your headline.

Consider 4 different headlines but of same content.

1: Benazir Bhutto killer is still roaming free

2: Murderer of Benazir Bhutto might would kill the other political leaders

3: Political leaders are at risk of being killed with murderer of Benazir because he’s still roaming free

4: Need justice, voice of late Benazir

See its up to us how we persuade people to read anything. The content is same but how they are explaining their content is all different. According to you which headline is appealing and catchy ? it’s all your choice to which you want to go for. People must not look into their source first, first look for a strong content. Make your titles must be clear and visible. you might have come to know about things from your friends ”yar i have seen in that program about things that will amaze you and it was the best program ever they have shown all the facts in an interesting way” then you ask on from which source it was? and your friend replied ”i don’t remember the source exactly because i was switching the channels and accidentally i stop to that channel but i remember the content because it was very appealing.” see how lost you can be when you find content so interesting and it happens as well. and did you notice that you intentionally replied of from which SOURCE, because so you have made your mind that source is important. Actually its up to us that how we assume or perceive things. According to me source isn’t that important if the content is extraordinary you’ll get to know about it from somewhere so we have to give preference to the content first. Make sure that your content delivers the information that people are looking for quickly. content must be attractive, appealing and attractive. A compelling content should have the ability to bring back the readers.

Appealing and interesting contents creates a path from which you can travel and would enjoy getting facts in an interesting manner.

Like if you read to this blog that would obviously because of content because im a common person i don’t have my personal identity in media. why would you read my blog ? that would be because of the content only.

Always remember that a good content always delivers. so believe in yourself !

Package with text that reads "Great content always delivers" | Fiore Communications


Cybercrime bill and hopes that knot with it — April 18, 2015

Cybercrime bill and hopes that knot with it

cybercrime bill should approves by government soon so that it can decreases the cyber crimes

There are long list of problems that people are suffering in social media.

There is no law or rule that we see while using internet. people are free-hand to do anything and there’s nobody who can stop them. The user have all powers to do whatever he wants to do no matter how bad or evil it will be result.

when individuals are empowered with such cyber sites, it helps them to inform themselves in all new ways which is enormously flattening but also enormously frightening. why ? because people will be able to drill down information about you that used to be either impossible or very difficult to locate. our life and our past used to have rock hard cement under them. These hard floors protected you and our basic privacy but cyber site is making it easy for prying stranger to dig to deeply into our past or present.

We all are hoping for the approvable of cyber crime bill that has pass for good, as it can be narrow down the problems that people are suffering or facing. Cyber bill will look after all the inappropriate things on social media and the vulgarity that is almost everywhere on social medium. It’s possible that children may sometimes come across things online which are inappropriate for their age and stage of development.

The myth that a child’s innocence can be destroyed by accidentally learning or seeing something about sex is actually very destructive. The reality is that sexual innuendos and images are everywhere on social media. What can most harm children and take away their innocence are things like shame, isolation, or sexual exploitation.

websites hacked day by day, peoples facing phishing spoofing and much more but who is to listen where to report, people are helpless, and the most dangerous is that the serious organised crimes like terrorism is also now being through internet, I also on behalf of Pakistanis request the Government to please understand the changing crimes situation and enforce the law as soon as possible.

pakistan is currently facing many sort of cyber crimes from which people are getting into various problems.

Even the newly introduced internet banking system in Pakistan is at high risk. Worse cases involved blackmail, where a man would blackmail his girlfriend by making an imposter account or uploading her private photographs on public websites.

Account holders can lose their money to hackers and criminals sitting offshore somewhere where there are no cyber law enforcing agencies. What are the sufferers to do? Who can they complain to? I don’t understand why cyber crime is being taken so lightly in the country.

This bill has found its way to infringe upon our freedom of expression and opinions. the bill will suppress our ability to express freely and pictures that being put up without the permission.  The internet users in the country can be fined or even imprisoned for things like sharing information that the government considers inappropriate, vulgar or “against the glory of Islam”

The cyber crime bill should approves soon by our government because things are getting worse day by day