Should Prostitutes be blame for what they are ? obviously no, there always a hidden story. Have you ever heard about forced prostitution ? its all about forced prostitution that make person to this..


Should Prostitutes be blamed for what they are ? obviously not all of them There’s  always a hidden story. Have you ever heard about forced prostitution ? it’s mostly all about forced prostitution that makes the girls do this..  Pakistan is a patriarchal society and, if we talk about domestic life, women are always overshadowed by men who hold authority over them. Actually the problem is our society in which women are considered subordinate in our society and this leads to vile crimes against them at the hands of men. actually men consider females the weaker sex and treat them like objects.

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Young women across the country are putting their bodies up for sale in the “flesh markets”, as we often see. Young girls face a lot of problems while walking around the street. Mainly girls, are subject to sexual assault including rape in Pakistan. Many people are eyeing on girls but girls mostly don’t know about the evil eyes who are secretly  planning to destroy their lives. Yes, we don’t know about the ones who are keeping an eye on us everyday nor we even give a second  thought to them . But the truth is these evil eyes can completely destroy your life. Many girls have been kidnapped from different areas and have been forced to opt ”prostitution” as their profession. Girls belonging to any age are being kidnapped either you’re 12 or 32.  People behind this dirty job are not men always. In fact in most of the cases women are involved. It’s really weird that how a woman can do this to another  woman ? The kidnappers get huge amount of money for doing such a heinous crime . While the girls who are brought for prostitution are paid very little amount or sometimes even nothing And after being used, many girls are forced to have abortions and get back to work which is prostitution within weeks. Beatings and forced abortions are common in the lives of the sex slaves. And definitely food that’s provided to the victims is surely very unhygienic. These forced prostitutes go through a lot in their lives. The victim girls are not allowed to go out without an escort while they are also forced to have sex with the traffickers whenever they wanted. Forcing girls into prostitution is an unforgivable act.  We have to think about all those girls who have been targeted, their life, their situation, what they are going through. This can happen to anyone of us too, God forbid. So we don’t even have the right to  blame them. I will definitely be mentioning one thing, Don’t ever pass any bad comments on  them or don’t even look down upon them. Who wants to do this disrespectful job ? obviously nobody. Everyone wants to live in a society where they are respected and honored. All want independence  in their lives, the liberty to live their lives the way they want to  But what about those girls who can not take any step without the permission of their traffickers. There’s always another story, hidden from us. Many cases have been reported against forced prostitution and still some cases are hidden from us. What are the mistakes of those girls who are targeted on daily basis ? They don’t choose this profession by  choice, it’s just because of the wrong doers who have force them to be engaged in prostitution. There can be other reasons behind prostitution, sometimes even step-father or step-mother can do this, possibly member from family can be trafficker’s too. Sometime after being ditched and being failed in true love story , the girl chooses to be in prostitution. And the other prominent reason is the lack of money, money is very important for all and it’s money that can make a person do anything. Mostly crimes happen because of the lack of money. See, these are all the situations and circumstances that force a person to do anything. I am not saying that all prostitutes are forced to be in this profession, there must be those prostitutes too who have chosen this profession by their choice.

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“Social Stigma” , the destiny of a rape victim in Pakistan is not more than that. which lowers them in the eyes of the public, exposing them to a life of discrimination and dis likeness. There is an urgent need to create awareness among the masses to not harass women sexually, mentally and physically, and educate men to provide equal rights and respect women, otherwise violence will see no end. Examples of atrocities faced by Pakistani women are acid throwing attacks, beatings, forced prostitution and, the most common of all crimes, rape. i have seen many episodes of a drama ” Fight back now” an Indian crime based drama, in which they show cases related to human trafficking.The last episode i saw was in which they showed that the traffickers injected some medicine to the girl of 13 years only so that she can grow fast and start looking like an adult, after some weeks her body started to change and started looking like an adult girl, like some girl aged 17 And that was really surprising for me, and left a question in my mind that really these kind of injections are available in markets ? if yes then who are selling them ? There’s nobody to report about theses medicines? And here i am still sitting with these questions in mind.. Well if they are available These  injections should be banned immediately and the should take prior notice.