Today in most of the houses, there are children with aggressive behavior, Dangerous behavior such as speeding, Dehydration, Depression, Dissociative states, Eating disorders, Failure to thrive, Fear or shyness, Fear of certain adults or places, Frequent injuries, Insomnia, Learning problems, Concentration problems, Lying, but parents doesn’t bother to find the reason above all these problems. They just busy in scolding and blaming them. I request every parents please not to blame your child. there’s a always a reason behind anything. why your child is having fear about anything. Find the reasons behind this word *why*. Find the reason behind any changes in your child rather than blaming.

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Child abuse is a rising issue of Pakistan. Children can be abused at any age.

Many children are being abused sexually. Children experience the inappropriate kinds of thoughts when they suffer abuse. Children minds are innocent they do not know that whatever abuses they suffer today, will effect their future in a very large way. Child abuse can make children to become silent. They don’t tell their parents about the abuse that what has happened with them but it always remains on their minds which damages or ruins their personality. Even some go in such severe depression that they commit suicide or start taking drugs.

Disturbing aspect of abuse is the experiential restraint it puts on children. If a child fears doing anything new because of the chance that it will lead to a violent attack or because an abusive parent keeps extremely tight control over them, the child will lose his or her sense of curiosity and wonder at the world and will stop trying new things and exercising his or her mind. That child will never achieve his or her intellectual potential.

Child abuse violates the trust at the core of a child’s relationship with the world.

In addition to distorting children’s thoughts, abuse also forces children into a position of having to “hide the family secret”. This prevents children from having real relationships and has life-long effects. And because our ability to form healthy social relationships is learned, abused children are deprived of many skills necessary to navigate the social world. Their entire concept of a relationship is distorted. This leads to problematic relationships in life.

The impact of child abuse does not end when the abuse stops, the long-term effects can interfere with day-to-day functioning. That time they just need a soft-hand to hold them tightly and that’s obviously the hands of their parents. This is the time when they need their parents most. They don’t tell u that they have been abused or suffering from some inappropriate touches from someone. parents have to find reason behind their silence. so that your child may not be alone, you should encourage your child to take a step forward against the wrong doers. Not only the stranger abuses child, but some parents also abuse their child. Don’t be so shock its true, it happens in our society. There are many cases of fathers that abuses their child, even uncles and cousins abuses as well.  parents play most important role for child upbringing. if parents do some wrong acts, your child will definitely follow you whether its use of drug or alcohol which can ruin their life. Mothers should note all the activities of the family members and should keep her eyes and ears open. She should dig out the reasons behind her child unusual moves.


Abused and neglected children are more likely than other children to be self destructive or aggressive, to abuse drugs and/or alcohol, or become young offenders or “street kids”. In some situations abuse and neglect may result in permanent physical damage.

Child abuse is not just an individual or familial problem. Unless you avoid people entirely, it is nearly impossible to go a day without encountering a survivor of childhood abuse. Children who survive abuse grow up more likely to negatively impact our society in many ways. Since domestic violence is a pattern of behavior, not a single event, episodes may become more severe and more frequent over time, resulting in an increased likelihood that the children eventually become victims. Domestic violence often includes child abuse. Children may be victimized and threatened as a way of punishing and controlling the adult victim of domestic violence. Or they may be injured unintentionally when acts of violence occur in their presence.

It is every child’s right to have a safe and a violence free childhood, to grow up in an environment filled with love and care. Child abuse doesn’t just affect the victims, it affects everyone around them, even those they will be surrounded with in the future. Therefore, it is very compulsory for parents to pay proper attention their children. And those parents who are the wrong doers themselves, must punish hard and should be thrown out of the society. The Government should introduce some law or phone number against child abuse so that a child can call to that number and complains about the abuser. I’ve seen billboards of a kid with a bruised face and it says if you suspect abuse report it. But I’ve never seen a billboard that said, “If your parents hit you, call this number.”

Children deserve smile on their faces not the scars and bruises.