Courtesy: Telegraph

If hospitals can’t be careful with babies what can they be careful with? The birth of a baby is one of the life’s most magical moments. A woman gives birth to her baby and feels like heaven when nurse comes asking her to hold her baby for the very first time in her arms. But do they ever think the baby they are holding might be the baby of someone else ? yes it happens in hospitals and it’s been going on for a while in our society now. You give birth to a baby at the hospital, give it a name, you take your baby home, and Take care alot, you introduce your baby to the family and the world but find out later that you were sent home with the wrong or exchanged child. Such a horrible situation that is, just think about the ones who have really gone through  this situation. And this is a difficult situation not only for mothers but for the kids as well.

Babies exchanged either error or malfeasance, are interchanged with each other at birth. Our society still is in boundary of desiring a baby boy, and just because of them the crimes are raising day by day. Many women give birth to a baby boy but they remain unaware of this fact for their lives maybe because the nurses exchange baby boys and tell the woman and her family that she has delivered a baby girl. Sometimes the hospital staff also does blunders or involved in this crime. They first inform that the PATIENT has delivered a baby boy and later inform that she has actually given birth to a girl but still some are innocent enough to believe this and some are sharp enough to get an idea or a clue that something  wrong has happened for sure and those people who report about such incidents.

This is a much bigger fraud than any other. We all should be careful at the time of delivery Because this can happen to anyone. Even sometimes nurses make mistakes while writing codes on babies bracelets. At times babies are accidentally exchanged at the hospitals but this happens in very rare cases. These types of blunders mostly occur in  small setup hospitals where there is no body to look after such things. But such type of errors aren’t affordable by anyone because this is like a crime and these kind of blunders can’t be forgiven or ignored. Well that’s disturbing to even think about. If that a widespread mistake among hospitals, I’d rather have my children give birth at home, if I ever have any. I wonder how many babies lives could of been saved if they were born in a homes? If these kind of things would not stop , then there will be no one coming for  deliveries at the hospitals for safety purposes of their baby and in order to get satisfied that at least they are with their biological child. Home delivery will be at least free from these kind of blunders.

Some hospitals staff are ready to gain money no matter from whatever source they choose. They are paid huge amount of money for switching babies and this happens because of the hatred towards baby girls, how can someone be ready to exchange their own baby for a baby BOY. These kind of difficult and cunt people are spreading misconceptions among society. Both boys and girls are equal and one should not indulge in such unacceptable crimes.

Also it’s the negligence of the hospital staff that creates these types of confusions and causes so much suffering to little girls. Our Commission is entitled to issue notices in such cases to seek action against the guilty and we shall definitely do the same’ This is a serious crime and a terrible example of gender bias. Be thankful for whatever you have, whether a girl or boy. Both are a blessing of Allah. Just think about the ones who don’t have a child and pray to God day and night to bless them one either a girl or a boy.