Rest in peace all who lost their lives. What cruel and brutal country we live in.

This time its Ismaili Muslim community that have been targeted. I don’t understand what’s happening around our country ? Is this Karachi that was famous for its lightening? Sadly now Karachi is only known for blood and blood stains everywhere.

Ismailis in Pakistan are an influential, well-knit community known for operating hospitals, universities, schools, charities and infrastructure projects. Their spiritual leader is the Aga Khan, who summarily condemned the attack.

Unlike some other Shiite groups, Ismailis hadn’t been heavily targeted by militants in Pakistan previously. This is the first such incident of unkindness towards the Ismaili community. The gunmen appeared to have been well-prepared for the attack. They were in police dress.

Karachi Bus Attack

About 60 people were on the bus when it was stopped in the Safoora Chowk area on its way to the Ayesha Manzil Ismaili centre, police said.

Most of the victims were shot in the head. After the attack, the bus was driven into a hospital parking lot with bullet holes riddled all along its side, said Salma Wahid, an official at the Memon Medical Institute Hospital in Karachi. I can’t believe how the death toll is rising. Media saying 47 dead. It was latest in a series of terror attacks targeting minorities

This is a sorrow beyond grief. RIP the innocent victims of this brutality. This attack is deeply saddening & utterly condemnable. They all were Pakistani citizens and as per our constitution all Pakistanis are equal and government is bound to ensure that their lives are as protected as others. They are killed for no reason and rhyme. We stand firmly with the people of Pakistan in this hour of grief. I wish all those injured a quick recovery, and rip to those who died. may Allah gives patience to the victim’s family. They have lost their loved once for no reason. This is one of the most toughest time for them, we should stand with them. This is barbaric! No one deserves to die like this,

The relatives of victims. 13 May 2015

Innocent lives have been lost in a senseless act of violence. we should pray for Pakistan, because it’s situation getting worse day by day and one have to take quick action. Please government do something for us, for innocent people , who are killing with the names of religion. we aren’t safe now, we feel insecure whenever we go anywhere, it’s all because situation of our country have developed that fear. But what we do as a common person ? should wait for our turn or should leave Pakistan ? I feel really sad by saying this, because both options are unacceptable for us, how can we wait for our turn ? it’s so horrible, and how can we leave Pakistan ? it’s our country we cannot leave because of fear. All we do is to stand with equality  and should not fight among all, we shouldn’t give any chance to terrorist.

Who's Next opponent of Goldberg

Airports, schools, markets, mosques, Imambargha’s, police stations, Army headquarters, Air & Naval bases. Public Transport. Nothing is Safe or Secure. WHY? This is the question running in my mind all the day but there’s noone to answer me ”that your wrong, we are safe” , because the truth is we aren’t safe anymore. Where is government, police and rangers? what they are doing for us ? Actually they ain’t doing anything for us, just standing at the corners and watching the violence. WAKEUP PLS, it can be happen to your family member aswell. Army or law enforcement personnel and all these politician has to say is ”we condemned” and then they vanish. They thinks that saying this word condemn, they fulfills their responsibility. Aah i don’t know what to say, we can just pray. Please god have some Mersey on all humankind around the globe. Save all from terrorist, natural calamities and accidents, and please guide such people, help them in understanding human life.