If we analyze women’s position in Pakistan then it will be seen that the women of Pakistan are facing a lot of problems. No matter how developed your country, women are not safe on their own.They faces problems everywhere, at every places. One of the disaster problem she face when she travels. Harassment is one of the main problem faced by working women. They have to face different types of difficulties and harassments. Harassment, in different manifestations from staring and stalking to sexual advances, is fear for many of them.

Many women faces harassment in rickshaw all over in Pakistan due to pervert auto drivers.  Not me, but my friends are also victims, and im sure that whoever travels in rickshaw, faces problems.

7 Common Problems Faced By Single Ladies

‘i mostly travel in rickshaw and faces harassment of different types. some rickshaw drivers stares from the front mirror, some sings songs with their disaster vocal cords, some gives cheap comments , some ask for number or some even involves in kidnapping.” i have faced all these problems while traveling in Auto, and whenever i travel, i use to make wish that instead of male drivers, there must be female driver for female and believe me after some days i heard news about pink rickshaw in Lohare, and that was unbelievable for me.. i was like ” esa bhi huskta hai ?” and credit goes to Zar Aslam, president of non-profit Environment Protection Fund. said she once narrowly escaped kidnapping by a rickshaw driver when she was a student, which triggered the idea of launching her “Pink Rickshaw” service. i feel very happy for the women’s of lohare.

Zar Aslam says she is fed up with being groped and harassed by male auto-rickshaw drivers and so has launched her own service exclusively for women passengers and drivers in her home city of Lahore, Pakistan. – Reuters pic, April 10, 2015.

The “rickshaws” are covered three-wheel motorcycles and Aslam bought one to start with, added fans, doors and headlights and painted it pink and white.

The service is launched to provide women, travelling comfort without being harassed or feeling uncomfortable. Our society has changed in a lot of ways, now women’s are more educated then men, and women’s can go alone for their work and it’s very common. Everyday many women who travel in rickshaw faces problems, some feel uncomfortable to go out and some don’t go out alone because of the fear of being harassed. So, harassment are barrier for women’s in every field.

But now this problem is solved for  the women’s of Lohare. im so glad that at least one city is now safe from this harassment.  Ladies auto rickshaw in Lahore highly commendable effort towards helping families economically and reduce poverty. This trend should be implemented through out Pakistan. Today’s tough time, both woman and man must work for a better life and to support their families. pink rickshaw can not only reduces harassment but can also reduce financial problem. So those who are jobless and have nothing to do, instead of being jobless , they can be a part of this rickshaw and can earn money in a respected way.

This small step taken by the NGO may well go on to bring a huge reform in the country where it is uncommon for women to pursue unconventional jobs such as driving a taxi or rickshaw. And this Pink rickshaw will also enable female to travel without fear of getting harassed on the street.


Our ladies must be encouraged and respected all over Pakistan. So, We should encourage all those ladies who are part of it, and took this brave step for us. This is the most safest ride for women, they can safely travel anywhere without any fear. Zar Aslam not only boost their confidence but also provide safety and comfort to females traveling in the city. And its the most prominent step towards women empowerment.

From this act, i has been proved that not only men but women are also capable of doing anything. Once they take a stand, nobody can keep stand in front of her power. Government should support and appreciate this act and should implement it in karachi and in other cities of Pakistan aswell. In this way atlaest this travelling harassment can be erase from Pakistan. All we do is to take a step forward to make anything possible. We can make our all possible efforts to make Pakistan free from these unkind acts, all we do is to ”TAKE A STAND”.