Relationships shouldn’t be free from lie or any secret, otherwise there is no purity left in any relation.

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” I’ll love you as long as your actions don’t make me doubt your words, trust is earned not given. ”  -fernie_love

Millions of people are in doubt about their relationships that they are on a right track or not. people always have question in their mind, Is she/he is cheating on me ?

Sometimes our gut feelings can tell’s us about many hidden stories. But you should not only relay upon your gut feelings. Gut feelings can be true or can be wrong as well, All you do is to be alert. cheating is a crime for me and i condemn this act of shamelessness. if you’re in relationship you cannot cheat that person, if you can’t handle the relation then it’s better to breakup rather than to hurt someone. It is time to start looking for the signs that he is being unfaithful. The longer you be in relationship , the longer you will be in depression,  and the worse you will feel if you find out he has not been honest with you. So Here are some signs or ways that will help you out for knowing he/she is cheating on you.

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1: Start ignoring you : Yes this is one of the most stronger sign from which you can have the idea about his another face or about his disloyalty. He/she don’t talk to you as you used to talk. When he/she just rarely talks to you with no attention.

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2: Changing in behavior : Just observe his behavior, if there’s some changing in his behavior then it simply means, there is definitely some black black. Change of behavior is something, which can put you to be in depression

3: No more willingness to meet with you : When he is not keen to meet with you or does not make any plan with you for any meeting, then simply means his level of interest has been decrease. In relationships, both girls and boys are always excited to meet each other, and this excitement can also be a reason behind their bonding. Somehow your untrustworthy bf/gf just doesn’t have the time for you like before. Remember it’s not about ”having” time, it’s about ”making time”.

4: Spending less time with you : When he/she starts spending less time with you and ready to make lame excuses. you people should understand the difference between the one who speaks to you on their free time and someone who free’s their time to speak to you.

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5:  Fake emotional lines : They don’t let any chance to slip from them to say ”you deserve much better then me” : This is a very pity line they can say to you. Don’t think they are saying for your own betterment, they say this to make their path through which they can slightly moves, and you wont be having reason to blame them. you just say

”AAww ! he just left because he thinks, he don’t deserve me, I  deserve better than him” and that’s wrong

6: Gives you NO importance : Making decisions for their life , without even letting you to know anything. He/she should tell every important happening of their life. In other words, he/she loses his interest in you.

7: More use of social sites : when he/she use to spend more time on social media and start neglecting you. I think social media plays a massive part in breaking relationships. So just pay attention pay attention to social media use. Too much tweeting, and posting  and liking opposite gender images isn’t a good sign for the one who’s in relation.

8:  When he\she gives excuses about everything that have been asked for: when they start giving unnecessary lame excuses.

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9: Fighting for no reason : when he\she starts fighting with you with no reason. even get annoyed  when you ask him where he’s/she’s  been. And makes different excuses for one mistake.

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10: Forced Conversation : Avoid force conversation, if she/he isn’t talking to you then don’t force them to talk just give them time to realize that he is doing wrong with you.

11: If he doesn’t intend to contact your parents asap : It simply means he isn’t interested in marrying with you. because if he is interested, then why he would make excuses ? the one who truly loves each other don’t delay in doing marriage.

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These above are the ways to know he’s/she’s cheating on you. Boy or girl both can be a cheater. These are the most prominent ways to know which will help you to know. The longer you be in relationship , the longer you will be in depression,  and the worse you will feel if you find out he has not been honest with you. If your partner is cheating on you then you should confront with them as soon as possible, you should ask them why they have change their behavior with you. You, yourself try to dig out things wisely. And try to sort out things with him by patience but if things still doesn’t work out then its better to quite rather to be in depression.

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” Life is too short to wakeup in the morning with regrets, So love the people who treat you rightly and forget about the ones who don’t. ”