What do you thing you are the only one who have problems ? That’s not true actually. Everyone having problems in their life, just have different ways of copping with it.

Everyone is responsible for their acts ? Do u agree ? yes or no ? people have their own level of thoughts that puts them to think with different perspective. I am neutral in this case. Sometimes we don’t know the story behind anything, we just make our own synopses. So never assume anything without knowing the real story behind any situation.  If somebody do something bad we starts criticizing them and uses harsh and nasty words for them, but have you ever think about the reasons that might have pushed them to be at that situation ? Probably no ? right ?

Society today is shaped by personal experience, self-seeking, and mass media, rather than the religious and moral institutions which shaped society for so long. We lives in a society where there is no importance of lower class people, no respect left for them, that’s why there is a high competition of classes among people. People are indulging in bad acts to have money and to gain a respect in society. They are ready to do anything to fulfill there basic needs and to fulfill society needs aswell. High class people are the only one, that does exists in our society as the prominent individual.

Sometimes our society pushes us to make any decision about anything, as shown in shown in Geo TV Drama ”ZIP Bus Chup Rahu”. And you will glad to know that Ayesha khan, Humayun Saeed, and Annie Jaffrey are in this Drama, these famous and iconic names is enough for you people to know that its a worth-watching drama. It has only 23 episodes and for me its was the best drama of 2011. This was the very moral based drama. They have showed the society so real. The story is the emotional and traumatic journey of Parveen un Nisa, a woman living in a post modernist society, where individuals are valued on the basis of their skills and their socio-economic achievements. She is not skilled or bright enough to live up to the expectations and demands of such societies.  Because her husband has mysteriously left her a few years back which led her to face many challenges as a single parent. She was the mother of a son and daughter who are demanding. They always demands with her to have those all things which their friends are having. But Parveen was a wife without husband, she have faced many difficulties. She was unaware with the real face of the society. Because they are some people in society who takes advantages with the one who is helpless. This frustration and fear misleads her to trust women called Gypsy who claims to be a socialite, but in reality she exploit vulnerable women and trains them to become an object of rich business tycoon’s.

This story unveils the hidden facts that how our society treats a women once gets trapped, especially when a women without her husband carrying responsibilities of their children. with the entry of gypsy, here comes the twist. She transforms Parveen into Paro. Parveen has never been happy being Paro.  But she has made her PARO identity hidden from everyone. Her children didn’t knew that where her mother goes and what she do. But her neighbors were curious about her that where she goes at night with being nicely dressed-up.

The story has already twisted by the entry of Gypsy. Do you think that this story can be twist more ? so its to inform you that still the big twist is on the way. Many of you already have watched this drama and many of you havn’t. Because this is not that famous drama and it was the drama of 2011, when there was less trend of watching Pakistani drama’s. But believe me this was the best drama of all. Only contains 23 episode you can easily watch it. I, myself don’t like to watch drama’s containing large number of episodes. You’ll be in love with each episode of this drama. I don’t watches drama’s honestly speaking. That day i tuned to Geo and randomly watched it because there was nothing to watch that time and after watching one episode, i noted the timings of this drama and became keen to watch the next episodes even my family were surprised to see me watching drama. This is the first drama that i have watched twice and still planning to watch again. so just imaging the level of my likeness towards this drama and I’am sure you people will also enjoy with each episodes of it. Because it’s a very realistic drama, show’s how a society pushed  women to be as bad, and how her children were competing them with their peer circle, that all because the bitter face of society.

The question is, do you think that Parveen will continue to play her role as Paro for the rest of the life ? or she will quite and lives her life normally with  Parveen identity only? so watch this drama and get your answers. And the traumatic turning point has shown in some last episodes which will definitely make your jaw open. So for all these questions don’t forget to watch this exciting drama serial that takes you to the world of suspense, and closer to the brutal reality until then sit back and ‘ZIP