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Try to understand the value of content. The more stronger your content will, the more audience will get attracted to it or would be more strongly grabbed by your content

Why u people want to click in my blog ? to know the same old stories ? all those old facts ? Probably No. it’s because you want some interesting content and want to know the new perspective about anything. Life is busy, no people have time to waste in watching or reading familiar and useless content. why you guys click to any article or something, even if you don’t plan to read but still u chooses to click to see ”akhir  esa kia hai ismae ” ? it’s because headline that makes us to click. Similarly you know the reason why you clicks to see videos that are on facebook ? again just because of the headline. so again its CONTENT.

You people would have the idea now that what im talking about or what im trying to explain. yes i believe content is first most important part for anything, without content your all material would be like a ”jungle without lion” or a ”rose without smell” .

Visual content is taking over the social web. Visuals work online for a few different reasons. The first and most important reason is that they grab the reader’s attention and quickly.


Post structuralist theory also states the same that content is important, the message must be strong. The message can be in the form of articles, videos, blogs, news stories, talk shows, even memes and there are so many

Having access to content anytime, anywhere is becoming increasingly important to audiences. With certain cable service providers, audience are able to access their favorite programming anytime, anywhere. That means audiences are able to watch what they want on their television, online or even on their mobile device. so why we have bound ourselves to those high rating channels? its time to break the boundaries and give chance to those talented anchors that have been hidden into cells so-called low rating channels. Rating is depend on us, we first prefer to switch to those high rating channels such as Geo, Ary, Express. and start to watch the show even if the content is good or not. We are not giving chance to other channels. just bother to switch to those channel and try listening to what they are saying. im not saying that those channels always show strong content. nor saying that those Geo, Ary all those high rating channels shows weak content. It’s all about the priorities that we gives. Why the top rating news channels shows the news with adding spice into it. it’s because people don’t want to see the same stuff again and again, the more spice added up to news, the more people willing to know about it. Right? because they knows very well that millions of people are watching their channel and they should give news which can grab their audience attention. so why they doesn’t give news without adding all those spice colours to it ? it’s just because of the content that they are struggling for. they are struggling to make their content strong and different from others. Image the SAME happening of politics with SAME content in all the news channels. its boring ? it must be. if the channels start giving same news ? obviously people will get bore with the same content. how to present the same news content with different style is an art that can grab or hold your audience attention.

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Remember you only have a few seconds to convince someone to click through to your piece of content. Bring in the attention-grabbing headline – it’s concise, it’s descriptive, it’s a promise of something good. so always be wise while selecting your headline.

Consider 4 different headlines but of same content.

1: Benazir Bhutto killer is still roaming free

2: Murderer of Benazir Bhutto might would kill the other political leaders

3: Political leaders are at risk of being killed with murderer of Benazir because he’s still roaming free

4: Need justice, voice of late Benazir

See its up to us how we persuade people to read anything. The content is same but how they are explaining their content is all different. According to you which headline is appealing and catchy ? it’s all your choice to which you want to go for. People must not look into their source first, first look for a strong content. Make your titles must be clear and visible. you might have come to know about things from your friends ”yar i have seen in that program about things that will amaze you and it was the best program ever they have shown all the facts in an interesting way” then you ask on from which source it was? and your friend replied ”i don’t remember the source exactly because i was switching the channels and accidentally i stop to that channel but i remember the content because it was very appealing.” see how lost you can be when you find content so interesting and it happens as well. and did you notice that you intentionally replied of from which SOURCE, because so you have made your mind that source is important. Actually its up to us that how we assume or perceive things. According to me source isn’t that important if the content is extraordinary you’ll get to know about it from somewhere so we have to give preference to the content first. Make sure that your content delivers the information that people are looking for quickly. content must be attractive, appealing and attractive. A compelling content should have the ability to bring back the readers.

Appealing and interesting contents creates a path from which you can travel and would enjoy getting facts in an interesting manner.

Like if you read to this blog that would obviously because of content because im a common person i don’t have my personal identity in media. why would you read my blog ? that would be because of the content only.

Always remember that a good content always delivers. so believe in yourself !

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