cybercrime bill should approves by government soon so that it can decreases the cyber crimes

There are long list of problems that people are suffering in social media.

There is no law or rule that we see while using internet. people are free-hand to do anything and there’s nobody who can stop them. The user have all powers to do whatever he wants to do no matter how bad or evil it will be result.

when individuals are empowered with such cyber sites, it helps them to inform themselves in all new ways which is enormously flattening but also enormously frightening. why ? because people will be able to drill down information about you that used to be either impossible or very difficult to locate. our life and our past used to have rock hard cement under them. These hard floors protected you and our basic privacy but cyber site is making it easy for prying stranger to dig to deeply into our past or present.

We all are hoping for the approvable of cyber crime bill that has pass for good, as it can be narrow down the problems that people are suffering or facing. Cyber bill will look after all the inappropriate things on social media and the vulgarity that is almost everywhere on social medium. It’s possible that children may sometimes come across things online which are inappropriate for their age and stage of development.

The myth that a child’s innocence can be destroyed by accidentally learning or seeing something about sex is actually very destructive. The reality is that sexual innuendos and images are everywhere on social media. What can most harm children and take away their innocence are things like shame, isolation, or sexual exploitation.

websites hacked day by day, peoples facing phishing spoofing and much more but who is to listen where to report, people are helpless, and the most dangerous is that the serious organised crimes like terrorism is also now being through internet, I also on behalf of Pakistanis request the Government to please understand the changing crimes situation and enforce the law as soon as possible.

pakistan is currently facing many sort of cyber crimes from which people are getting into various problems.

Even the newly introduced internet banking system in Pakistan is at high risk. Worse cases involved blackmail, where a man would blackmail his girlfriend by making an imposter account or uploading her private photographs on public websites.

Account holders can lose their money to hackers and criminals sitting offshore somewhere where there are no cyber law enforcing agencies. What are the sufferers to do? Who can they complain to? I don’t understand why cyber crime is being taken so lightly in the country.

This bill has found its way to infringe upon our freedom of expression and opinions. the bill will suppress our ability to express freely and pictures that being put up without the permission.  The internet users in the country can be fined or even imprisoned for things like sharing information that the government considers inappropriate, vulgar or “against the glory of Islam”

The cyber crime bill should approves soon by our government because things are getting worse day by day