With the ball and in the field, the Australians were relentless.

I thought the match would be interesting as it was the final match of world cup 2015, but it was boring. When new Zealand scored just 183 , everyone knew that Austrailians will be the winners because today new Zealand didn’t performed as they should perform. It was the final match, means do or die match , at this condition the team must have to do their best and must show their positive attitude but today it was the bad luck as well as bad performance by new Zealand.

Mitchell Starc celebrates bowling Brendon McCullum in the World Cup final

More than that, it was for the first time that Zealand appeared in world cup final, but still they didn’t performed. 184 runs, isn’t a respective target. Even the captain of the team  McCullum got out without scoring any run. After McCullum departures, their wickets started to fall and they didn’t get chance to maintain any strong paternership, only Grant Elliott showed his fighting spirit and scored 83 runs. Losing partners with alarming regularity, Elliott was forced to hit out, and in doing so became a casualty himself.

Australians performed same as everyone was expecting from them, because today they seemed very positive and relax. They was not under pressured because the target was very approachable. Winning captain clerk scored 74 runs and it was his last match in one-day. Mitchell Starc got the title of the ”Man of the tournament” while James Faulkner got the title of ”man if the match”. if New Zealand scored above 250, then the match could have been interesting and tough. I have found Michel clerk very positive in this world cup, he aggressively and energetically took their team in this tournament. if you try and see weaknesses in the Australian team, I am not sure where you find one. Their top-order batting is brilliant, their new-ball bowling is brilliant. they claimed their team as No-1 , and proved aswell

Michael Clarke World Cup 2015

Australians ballers under pressurized  new Zealand batsmen and took the wickets of  main and important players and made new Zealand to score only 183. As we all know, Early wickets always make win difficult. And is visible in todays match.

Iam not in favors that Australia took their homeland advantage. it may probably be yes but their efforts was apparent to all the viewers . They work hard to be at this magical situation.

Trent Boult (centre)

New Zealand also worked hard and they should be appreciated too because being in final isn’t a easy task. They won matches which other teams of this tournament couldn’t.  Brendon McCullum’s has done a great job leading the team. we should give credit to this team.

I see many people tweeting about Australians victory. Today in every social media, there’s only one name and that’s ”Australia”

Australians victory didn’t make our jaw open, everyone knew that Australians will win and yeah they are the most deserving team of this world cup because they struggled hard to get the title of ” 2015 cricket world cup champions”. they were brilliant today and deserve to win. . The team does not have any apparent weakness. They played with dignity and played with upholding the spirit of the game. Australia, bidding for a fifth title, remain resolutely confident of another success in a World Cup final. Now people again looks at kangaroo’s as champions.

stand-up for the champions !

 ”Champions keep playing until they get it right”