Citizen journalism, the another face of Pakistan media by common people

we all lives in a era where almost everyone knows the word *citizen journalism* . its very common now a days and almost all people do citizen journalism on social media.It can include text, pictures, audio and video. But it’s basically all about communicating information. But it’s basically all about communicating information of some kind. Advanced technology made people to do citizen journalism because without it nobody can be able to share anything. people have became so addicted to give their own views that they just need a website to fulfill their hunger.

The other main feature of citizen journalism is that it’s usually found online. In fact, the emergence of the Internet – with blogs, podcasts, streaming video and other Web-related innovations – is what has made citizen journalism possible. We are free to say or discuss anything about any any issue, whether its on some personality, some place, social issue or anything. ”Geo dost”. It’s a link based citizen journalism show, it provides every Pakistani a chance to be a journalist, a very famous program of Geo that promotes citizen journalism.

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citizen journalists are that members of public are able to alert the media to news stories that they may not already know about, or that professional journalists have not got the ability to cover. Citizen journalists can be a massive help by providing written reports in addition to photographs and videos in real time. Smaller newspapers often need to rely on citizen journalists for the latest updates, due to their low staff count. Broadcast news, for example, sometimes feeds off and incorporates elements of citizen journalism: examples include eyewitness footage from cell phones, reporting of stories originally broken by citizen journalism. people make videos of some unkind wed and upload it to social media so that it can be spread to everywhere, and sometimes it is very useful and helpful to the people. citizen journalism playing a major role in our society.

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Cell phones, with integrated still and video cameras, have been a great tool to help so many people to become citizen journalists in an instant. Video news becoming integral part of citizen journalism. Today, many of those homepages have become blogs. Individuals shooting video of newsworthy events with a digital camera or the video recorder in a cell phone and then uploading the content to a blog to share with the world has become one of the more effective devices in a citizen journalist toolbox. social networking websites like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, offer easy ways to post videos online. These free services provide user-friendly platforms, with an extensive offering of tools and technology for various types of public and private communications using text, photos and video news content.

Sometime our new caster fails to show some uncensored content due to some personal purposes but its citizen journalism that showing us things which we have to know for the sake of our society. but iam not saying that we get all the true facts from citizen journalism, thats impossible because people here are of different mentality, some of them point of view can be true or some of them can be false.

But this leads us on to the disadvantages of citizen journalism. The main disadvantage is that there is a big danger risk to the members of the public taking this footage. The second danger is that these people have no media training and no knowledge of any laws which they may be infringing either during the capture of the footage or the release of it to the media – such as if children have been captured in the footage without their parents’ consent. Threads can also be possible in citizen journalist, so it may be dangerous aswell.

As journalists your views are suppose to be non-biased and balanced, however citizen journalists will generally only put their view across, which effectively could give the article an unfair outcome.some journalist publish untrue statement which can affect on large audience negatively.

The question is citizen journalism good for news media ? well iam neutral in this case. it is helpful but have drawbacks aswell. people do spice on the news to make it more appealing so that a large number of people can take interest. and they make news spice by adding their false and untrue stories. People can also takes advantage of famous personalities and spread rumors about them.

i have an example, one year back, i have heard about Atif Aslam’s throat cancer, i got to knew this from social media and i got disappointed by this news because this was the shocking news for all his fans. but later on i realized that it was all fake, he’s perfectly fine. They do this to gain the attention of people.

sometime its just a waste of time aswell because when u read any story and later if u would come to know that it was fake, then it was just a waste of time for u people can spread anything a false story, photoshopped(fake) picture, unethical video or anything. even people can ruin famous personalities name by all their shit. In short, we cant rely on only citizen journalism. If we get to know anything, we must search it on other social sites to check whether the story is true or not.

On otherhand it may be good that people are free to share their views or content but what’s the use or benefit of it ? we get to know hidden fact or stories alright i agree. but i cant see people taking benefit from this, because its not affecting not large audience. if u published on a social media site such as facebook or twitter your audience is limited to your friends. if posted in your blog your audience tends to be a bit greater but it would never be as big as a worldwide broadcast on the television or radio. citizen journalists just do not have a large enough audience to make a real change in the world.

whether the concept of citizen journalism exits or not, in both cases it doesn’t make difference,  there will be no change in any ones lives