”Emerging crimes taking place almost everyday and in every shape”

Crime is something you hate to see in your society, because the word crime is ruining the reputation of our country. Karachi is under siege. Everyday one hears of someone close to them being robbed, being coerced, being kidnapped or being shot and killed. people who lived in Karachi in the 70s and 80s, but left to live abroad or in another country would not recognize Karachi if they were to visit it today. i have example of my brother. He lives in North America and came Pakistan after 9 years. He said, ” i remember that we had never heard of no-go areas till two decades ago. we were never afraid of going out of our homes in the dark, what happen to Pakistan ?  In 2006 the situation wasn’t worst but now everything has changed, i cant recognize Karachi.”


Today our beloved city is captive of a terror campaign, people are afraid to leave their homes at night, teenagers are told not to stay out after dark and the lives of its citizens is filled with constant panic and fear. Government should push measures that might reduce crimes but it’s not only the duty of government to stop or reduce crime, we also have to put our efforts, a little efforts from a large number of individuals can make a better living.. First of all we should stop blaming our country that we live in Pakistan that’s why we are facing all sort of crimes. I don’t understand these kinds of people, who chose to live in Pakistan but still blames Pakistan i mean if they have problem with Pakistan they can better leave Pakistan. Its true, we are facing a large number of crime in Pakistan but it doesn’t mean that we start blaming Pakistan. Don’t blame the whole nation just because of some wrong doers. we should complain about criminals who are spoiling Pakistan name. We have to create such kind of unity that criminals would get really scared of. We have divided ourself in different groups and criminals are taking full advantage of it. They target in one group so that their opposite group/party can be blamed. for example Shia, Sunni issue. Mostly corrupt people are taking full advantage, they target on Masjids and Imambargha so that the both group can blame each other. Another example is political parties, if someone attack on any party, they definitely blame their opposite party. firstly, we don’t have to blame each other without any proof. All we do is to create unity with all our Pakistanis , without seeing differences of other’s, and we have to support each other at worst time so that the criminals won’t take things easy. Its time to stand with all, its time to see eye to eye on someone’s issue, its time to ignore differences of others, and life will be better. We have to create security by our own efforts, first is to maintain unity, because strength is what one wants, u can get nothing without it. Do good for people, and always be alert to call police if u see any crime, if crime occurs in front of u, don’t see it like an audience, immediately call police so that the police will do the rest. at least perform your duty, then expect from police.    we had been blaming each other a lot but now its high time for us to recognize our weakness and start working on it. Do good and expect good in return and let government to do their job. so, that you can able to see a  better Pakistan . Remember a little achievement can go on a larger way. Unity is that power which minimizes many act of wrong doers. you have to change yourself , just bring a positive change, a positive energy in you so that you can be able to stand with people who really want’s to see a better Pakistan. Your stand is important because government can’t do it alone.”I can do things you cannot; you can do things you cannot; Together we can do great things ”     Best of luck Pakistani’s 🙂