Cyber bullying has proven to be one of the most destructive of bullying tactics in recent decades. The cyber bullying is a result of how easily cyber bullies can have access to their victims.  Many people are the victim of cyber bully, in which the cyber bullies abuse, or harass someone. Even it can be humiliating or threaten. Anybody can become the recipient of cyber bully. It is currently reported that up to 69% of young people experience cyber bullying before the age of 18. Anybody can become the victims at any time or of any age. It’s not necessary that the bullies must be stranger, nothing like that, they can be known or can be your friend even. sometimes u get roasted in the group chat for no reason, because nasty messages can also be the part of cyber bully, it can also be possible through whatsap or through other technological devices. cyber bully is not only about the nasty or harrsing words, but it can be your photo, video that being put online without your permission or any material that can embarrass you to the extent. we should stop cyber bully because it affects real lives. we shouldn’t be in power to abuse or harass someone. if u have nothing nice to say then its better to quite rather than humiliating others, because you never know how deeply the person can take things and people may attempt even suicide because of cyber bully.