Family is largely effected by new media. Although new media is largely seen as a positive but sometimes it might be negative aswell. Through new media family is becoming advance, their mind’s totally changed. Everyone was happy to live a simple life but now it’s not like that, they want a luxury life and that’s because of new media. Today’s parents grew up with technology as a central part of their lives, it’s because they became open-minded. Individual are only limited to their families, as they made their life busy that they don’t have time to be with bunch of people, that’s actually the virtual bubble. As far as video games is concerned, children have become aggressive.But if we see its positive effects,  news broadcast through different media and helps us to know day-to-day information.And according to me, it’s the most apparent positive effect that new media have. Family must know that whats happening at their surroundings, that very important for them to know. World is becoming advance day by day, so now it has become the need of a person to know something new about new media so that they can be step forward with their competitors and that’s the bitter reality of life.